Memes Help Me Laugh at the Fact My Birth is a Curse and My Existence is a Prison

In the last few years, memes have suddenly become a major part of our culture’s comedic mediums; our social media is bombarded with them. There are funny ones, freaky ones and niche ones. Topics range from uni problems and squad goals to politics and inequalities.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who incessantly tags my friends in them throughout the day and endlessly scrolls through pages before I go to sleep.

Anyway, as exams are coming up; I bet you’re all slowly – or like me, rapidly – losing your minds. 

So, to de-stress you wired and unhinged lot, here are some of my favourite memes/pages for when I need to just have a laugh at the crushing torment of existence:

Page – Garbagecanaesthetic









Page – Mentalwhealth

Page – Metaphysicalidealism

Page – Bethdrawsthings

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Page – Londonnightline

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