La Bombe

The heat is rising, the sandals are getting pulled out from the back of the wardrobe where they lie with the memories of past summers and the infamous Hawaiian dad shirt. The value of summers stock exchange is increasing as more and more people are buying into the season. Ice-cream, bikinis, suncream, sunglasses, cheeky day-drinks… the rate of purchase is increasing. So look no further for your guide to this summers leading trend: La Bombe.

‘La Bombe’, if applied to literature would be characterised by beautiful landscapes glowing from the suns radiance, spring weddings, afternoon tea on the lawn. If it were to be applied to music it would result in a relaxed yet sassy jazz song such as Mathilda Homer’s ‘Seaside Splits’, or a chill head-bopper like Declan Mc Kenna’s ‘Brazil’. But when most frequently and specifically applied to style, ‘La Bombe’, defined by Simon Porte Jaquemeus, refers to the trend of the epitomisation a ‘sun-drenched bombshell’. No biggie. However, achieving the look of a sun-drenched bombshell is surprisingly simple. Here are some characteristics to this look

  • Warm, muted tones. Essentially, the colours of the ‘la bombe’ trend actually resemble the colours of your very familiar fungi friend: the mushroom. I’m talking creams, browns, beiges, mustards, browny burgundies and baby yellows. Ultimately the goal for this look is creamy minimalism. Like the colour of those sandy beaches in your memories, or a magnum ice lolly. See:

  • Next it is Jewellery. Repeat after me: pearls, pearls, pearls. The bigger the pearl the better. Whether its to add a bit of class to an edgy outfit or to top off an elegant outfit, pearls are summer’s new crush. Buts it is not only pearls that summer is drawn to, its also wooden earrings, wicker earrings, and vintage earrings á la Zara:


  • It seems that big ol’ earrings aren’t the only vintage trend becoming popularised again. Hit up some head scarves and thick headbands this summer as a way to keep your hair off your face and, lets be honest, to stop your neck from sweating. There are so many different ways to style a headscarf or headband which is why I absolutely adore this trend. For example, you could run with the festival goddess look by styling long locks with a headband and some peek-a-boo braids here and there, all held behind a bright silk headscarf that floats down your back. Or you could style a headband like the boss 50s factory girls; throw your hair up in a messy bun and double wrap a headscarf around it. My all time favourite look though, when paired with a simplistic cream dress with big brown buttons, is definitely a thick headband and a beehive with flicked out ends, inspired by the iconic Brigette Bardot. You just cant go wrong with headscarves which is great for those semi-greasy haired, couldn’t-be-bothered days, ladies you know what I mean.  See:

With these wardrobe essentials achieving the look of a sun-drenched bombshell is as easy as a summer breeze.

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