You’ve got Red on Ya

Red like Dorothy’s sparkling shoes that take her to a place like no other. Red, like that scarlet coloured biro in your pen holder. Red, like Frida Kahlo’s lips in her self-portrait. Red, like London’s iconic telephone boxes. And, judging by the style at London Fashion Week SS18, scarlet red like the most important trend of spring/summer of 2018.

The colour red has a lot of power. You wear a striking scarlet lipstick and suddenly you’ve got sex appeal, passion and even a sense of danger. You wear burgundy red and you’ve been transformed into an image of poise and elegance. You wear an orange red and you’re the epitome of springtime florals.

Just as we rely on those older than us to teach us the ways of life, it’s a good idea to look up to the leader of style whose looks have made it into the fashion hall of fame. So, dear reader, get ready to have your senses shocked by the trend that is the rise of experimental reds…


  • Lolita and her sunglasses

The coordinative combination of Lolita’s sunglasses, red lip and red lollipop create a mood. It’s definitely a mood. It is sensual and dangerous in one look, ultimately creating a fierce image.

  • Marilyn Monroe and ruby red lips

In May of 1953 an image of Marilyn was taken outside her Hollywood home where she styled a simple black polo neck, a smoky eye and a shiny crimson lip. In this image she effortlessly pulls off the classic red lip look that many people, including myself, struggle to perfect. My advice to those training their beauty skills for this achievement would be to find the shade that best matches your skin tone and, in order to prevent lipstick bleeds, line your lips and blot. Blotting saves makeup lives. If you’re already a pro at this whole crimson lip thing then good job, be proud and why not raise the bar a bit higher and try this lip popping look with an Elvis Presley/Michael Jackson inspired outfit of black jeans, white tea shirt, black jacket, white socks and black loafers. A look this romantically rebellious is just too good to not be worn! So, go ahead, what are you waiting for? Stick on Jailhouse Rock, have a boogie and get that iconic red lip on point.

  •  Bella Hadid and her LA Red

Attending the Dior X Madame Figaro Night Party at Cannes 2018, Bella Hadid wore a semi-translucent red-hot dress. She perfectly balanced sexy and elegant with that spicy dress and her neutral makeup of glowing skin, minimal eye makeup and a gentle, warm red lip.

 As the cusp of summer greets us so does this trend of experimental reds, however; I personally find that the simpler the red accessory the better. I recommend combining this trend with the predicted reoccurring trend of big shouldered blazers, I’m talking 80s style.

That’s right folks, it’s time to reform the trend that appeared decades ago and give it a modern twist. I envisage this look by pairing a padded shoulder blazer (if you’re lucky, maybe even an authentic vintage blazer from the back of your parent’s wardrobe, a treasured antiquity!) with a mini dress and layer a thick belt over it. Next step, roll up the sleeves like you’re back at school. And finally, top it off with a pop of colour by wearing block colour earrings and colour matching heeled boots.  Ideal colour coordinations would be black and red, pink and brown, and burgundy and brown (imagine the smoky eyed and burgundy lipped possibilities!). Who knows, maybe you’ll be raiding the back of your parent’s wardrobe this summer more than you thought you would…

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