Exclusive Review: Broken Shakers @ Madison Rooftop Bar.

As we desperately try to grasp onto any iota of sunshine in these increasingly bleak October days, Broken Shaker offered the next best thing to drinks in the sun: cocktails on a beach-themed rooftop! Imitating the sunny shores of Miami, London’s Madison revived those epic summer vibes with its palm leaves, coconut statues and hammock-style swinging chairs – everything you want from the seaside, without finding sand everywhere for the next decade! If I wasn’t too pale to tan I think I would have even felt a little sun-kissed from the outdoor heaters!

Despite the absence of a breathtaking sea view, watching the sun set over St. Paul’s Cathedral was not any less idyllic! I can’t seem to decide if I preferred rosy hues of dusk cocooning the cathedral in even more beauty, or the twinkling lights of the London Eye, Shard and Skygarden dazzling across the skyline. It was a view so stunning that my friend had to sneak around the rope to capture the perfect snap for her story (and about a dozen others to upload on insta in order to reach optimum aesthetic). It is an absolute must for photoshoots and we were most certainly guilty on this front!

It was a tough job to create cocktails to match such a picturesque sight but Bobby Eldridge’s bespoke collection was more than successful! Each of the ten drinks were customised to embody (or en-glass?) a different aspect of the tropical: bananas, coconut and citrus, just to name a few! My personal favourite was the incredibly considerate Fair & Square as it was entirely vegan! The vanilla foam was complimented by a homemade spiced syrup, grated chocolate and Pusser’s Navy rum to create a cocktail which was creamy but punchy – perfectly balanced like the sea and sun! The other samples included Venus in Furs which combined Beefeater gin with a banana fennel cordial and cardamom and Coco-Nut Case: a sharp infusion of tequila, Koko Kanu (a gorgeous Jamaican coconut rum) and a coconut citrus sea salt rim for a very exotic twist on a margarita! London Cocktail Week will struggle to compete with these frontrunners!

The atmosphere was completed with the strong beat of house music to really set the party scene – I was tempted to get up and dance but luckily (for everyone else) the swing chair was too enticing and my moves require a minimum of four drinks!

And just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, out came a delectable array of snacks! These included the equally sophisticated crab and rocket bites, beef and cranberry on new potatoes, as well as mini fish and chips – they were cute, but not too cute to eat! Although I associate fat chips more with the British seaside, they were highly appreciated nevertheless!

So to conclude, my snap-crazy friend and I could not have been more content with the setting, beverages and view and highly recommend that you keep an eye out for the next event at Madison so that you can up your insta-game too!

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