The Best Vintage Shops in London

As new trends come and go throughout the seasons, it’s clear that a continuous trend is throwback fashion. Therefore visiting vintage shops is the perfect way to keep up to date with the trends whilst also obtaining classic and unique pieces. London is a global fashion capital and therefore home to numerous cool vintage shops. This article will show you my some of my personal favourites and hopefully inspire you to visit some and spice up your wardrobes!

1) Brick Lane Vintage Market

Brick Lane Market seems overwhelmingly impressive as soon as you step down the stairs into the huge underground building. It contains many stalls from independent sellers, vintage stalls, vinyl stalls and more. This market has an amazing variety of items at great prices such as original military jackets and Burberry trench coats. This is definitely the type of market to go to if you want to spend a day browsing through beautifully made clothes, as the stalls seem never ending. On the weekend there are food stalls selling food from all around the world too, which makes this market the perfect day out.

Nearest Stations: Aldgate East and Shoreditch High Street.

2) East End Vintage Clothing

This store is particularly amazing due to the ridiculously good deals they hold. If you keep any eye out for their events, which they often advertise on Facebook, you’ll see deals such as all clothing for £1 or all coats for £5. These events often do require time and effort as it’s the type of place where you have to be prepared to dig deep into a pile of clothes on the floor. However, with the deals they give out, it’s hard to refuse.


Nearest Station: Mile End

3) Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro has three locations: Dalston, SoHo and Bethnal Green. My personal favourite is the Dalston one, as it’s the biggest one. This shop hosts a huge variety of clothing from all decades and for all occasions, from evening dresses and top hats to plaid shirts and chunky knit jumpers. With Halloween fast approaching, Beyond Retro is the perfect place to find your dream Halloween costume, selling for example vintage style cheerleader uniforms and blood stained vintage wedding dresses.


Nearest Stations: Dalston Kingsland (Dalston location), Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus (SoHo location), Shoreditch High Street (Bethnal Green location)

4) One of a Kind Fashion Archive

The first time I stepped foot into this shop I let out a gasp of amazement. It’s a seemingly small shop from the outside, however this is soon proven to be a deception when you step inside. It contains hundreds of beautifully kept clothes from throughout the 20th century, almost like a museum. This shop is more on the pricier side of vintage shopping, with the majority of pieces being vintage designer. Therefore, I personally wouldn’t buy from here on the typical student’s budget. However, it’s definitely worth a visit just to experience the same feeling of awe I did when I stepped inside for the first time.


Nearest Station: Ladbroke Grove

5) Metro Retro

This small little vintage shop on the corner of Dalston High Street is a hidden gem. The shop contains unique and funky items ranging from Mexican cowboy boots to retro sunglasses. They specifically specialise in beautifully designed Japanese clothing, including a huge array of vintage kimonos in a kaleidoscope of colours. They also sell their own fair-trade and vegan clothing sourced directly from Nepal, which is a great way of buying fabulous clothes whilst also being ethically conscious.


Nearest Station: Dalston Kingsland

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