The Immersive Gatsby – An Experience To Remember.

You there, old sport! Are you waiting for 2020 to bring with it a revival of the Jazz Age? Because I sure am! However, if you can’t wait for the return of the Roaring Twenties then The Immersive Gatsby is for you! Located in Gatsby’s Drugstore, this incredible interactive experience brings F. Scott Fitzgerald’s epic tale to life – and throws you into the deep end of it! While costume isn’t compulsory, I do recommend throwing on your glitziest, fringiest, most feathery outfit and embrace the flapper within! The converted warehouse maximises space with a Prohibition-style bar which transforms into Gatsby’s mansion. As a Lit student, I cannot stand it when directors alter the plot too much – however, The Gatsby Ensemble redeem their sin of situating all the characters into the same room at once by sending those who aren’t in the scene to converse with the audience. You can ask Gatsby where he’s from, query Nick on his father’s famous advice or pry Jordan for information about Gatsby’s youth – whether or not they respond with helpful answers is a different story! Even if you can’t recite the novel like I can, you’ll nevertheless appreciate the garden-themed balconies, swing dancing and the sheer commitment of the actors to their role!

You are literally walked through the story, changing location depending on the setting of the scene. However, my favourite part was that Gatsby could have been anyone in that room – you have to try to spot him before he reveals himself! The actors keep you guessing as to where you’ll be moving to next while you keep your eyes peeled everywhere for any small bits of action between characters. After being taught a short dance routine to music that really wants to make you shimmy, the tale continues to be narrated by Nick. This experience captures the joy, misery and astonishment from the text and embodies it in an unforgettable 180 minutes! The production also features live songs from the actors – if you can get there quick enough you can get right up to the piano! The setting is dressed as extravagantly as you’d expect a bootlegger’s mansion to be, so make sure you dress to the nines! As the longest running immersive experience, this distinct production submerges you in the Golden Jazz Age, truly quenching your thirst for the Roaring Twenties!

Location: Borough

Price: From £31.25

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