New York Fashion Week Spring 2020

New York Fashion Week showcased a continuation of several trends such as extreme ruffling and powerful tailoring. Yet, it saw twists on the traditions, bringing about new ways to accessorise. Its wide range of shows created a playful atmosphere, New York Fashion Week never takes itself seriously, and these are just a few of its fun pieces and shows.

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Dainty and sweet dresses are a clear trend from New York Fashion Week this season. However, is looking dainty and sexy possible? Area’s Spring 2020 collection says definitely. This look shows this with the intricate, delicate, floral detailing stitched across a barely-there sequinned look completely encompassing the sweet but sexy style.

Area is known for its futuristic take on fashion, therefore this collection appears unusually traditional, yet they bring it into their futuristic time by adding unusual facial detailing. Instead of the usual make-up approach, Area instead added jewellery to their models’ faces, with glittering jewels hanging down from their eyes and eyebrows.

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Ruffles are well and truly still thriving this fashion week (I for one have never been happier). The short in the front and long in the back ruffled style dresses have been a popular look amongst celebrities for the past few seasons. De La Renta suggests it’s a look that is here to stay, despite it’s controversial move away from the more typical De La Renta long ball gown look. This move successfully brings a fun and youthful aesthetic to the more traditional De La Renta style.

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As someone who is a complete and utter sucker for tailoring Ralph Lauren stole the crown at New York Fashion Week this season. Honestly there is nothing better than a woman in a perfectly fitted masculine suit. Lauren was one of the first designers to help merge men’s formalwear into womenswear, therefore it more than makes sense for him to create a tailoring filled show.  Despite the simple sophistication of a suit being Lauren’s trademark, each and every season they never fail to wow. The show was presented in a 1920s style ballroom with a black and white dress code, creating not just a presentation of his clothes, but a transportation back to a jazz induced sleekly romanticised past.

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Plants featured heavily in the Kate Spade show as of course, there is no better accessory than a big bouquet of leaves (think the idealistic dream of wandering down to your local market and buying all the plants your heart desires). A more realistic approach to this idea is incorporating leaf patterned items into your wardrobe, it’s an update on The Devil Wears Prada’s iconic ‘florals for spring, groundbreaking’.  Spade successfully uses plants to create a spring atmosphere despite the heavy use of a typically autumnal fabric of tweed. By pairing the heavy fabric with a dynamic array of real colour provided with nature’s helping hand, it instantly makes tweed seem suitable for spring/summer.

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