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Wattpad is a world-wide reading and writing site and app. I came across it when I was in year nine and since then, it has never not been downloaded on my phone.


Wattpad introduced me to a world of opportunities and motivated me to write for myself and to my heart’s content without having to worry about what people would think. Used world-wide, it has an incredible range of stories from every genre. And what amazes me to this day is that all these creative pieces – novels, short stories, poems, scripts – are written by ordinary people. People who are not established authors but those who relate to us in several ways, people who are still learning and exploring their writing techniques, and mainly people who have that same dream as all of us on that site – to be a writer one day.


If being an author or writer isn’t your career goal, Wattpad is still the perfect place to immerse yourself into the reading world and escape reality. I honestly read on the app more than I write, but it is reading all these wonderful stories that gives me creative bursts and drives me into an endless spiral of writing for days. I’ve been writing on this site for the past six years and with each word I type, my writing improves. Wattpad made me realise that if you have a dream you can’t sit there and do nothing, hoping that it will just fall on your lap. You need to try and dream big and set goals that are so incredibly difficult to reach that you’ll end up pushing yourself and exceeding your limits.


I look back at my previous works and I genuinely cringe at my writing style, lack of punctuation and confusing plot line. But I never delete them off the site because it is a constant reminder of how far I have come as a learning writer. Additionally, Wattpad has such an amazing community – writers and readers from all over the world to make friends with and learn from and encourage one another.


Wattpad also has plenty of perks. Behind the screen is a team of people motivating writers around the world through competitions. Wattpad has magnificent opportunities for your work to actually turn into an official published piece of writing that can be sold in book stores and Amazon. The site holds these incredible competitions – the annual Wattys, Nanowrimo (national novel writing month in November), the Open Novella contest, and several smaller contests to allow writers the opportunity to have their works not only known on the website but outside of it too. Wattpad has also recently created its own publishing company where now through these competitions, they can make a writer’s dream come true.


Here are some of my favourite novels on Wattpad:


Temporarily His – I’ve read this book over three times and it still gives me all the feels! As a hopeless romantic who lives for fictional romance (because I have no love life), this novel stirred up all the emotions. A simple summary would be that our main girl is hired to be the fiancé of a millionaire and while she accepts due to her financial crisis and to help her family, he also has his reasons. And just like a rom-com, they inevitably fall in love. Well not without the constant fights, heated make out sessions, meeting his dreadful parents and basically everything else in between trying to pull them apart.


A Secret Service – I read this in one sitting on my bed till I was hungry, needed to pee and had back cramps. I love – I repeat – absolutely LOVE strong female leads. My inner feminist just roars to life! Carter, our main lead, is every guys dream and nightmare all in one package. As a daughter of a secret service agent, Carter will be the hero, the knight in shining armour and the prince in disguise. She doesn’t need a man to protect her and she is no damsel in distress. With skilled training and being able to read a person in thirty seconds, she really is wonder woman. So when two new students appear at her school, she definitely takes notice of their strange behaviour and gets more than a little nosy. With one of the new students just as skilled as her, they challenge each other constantly. Honestly sometimes you can just feel the sexual frustration. Secrets are revealed, estranged mothers reappear, thrilling action is a constant, and the romance is sizzling.


Cupid’s Match – With over 49 million reads and now a published novel hitting the book stores, this book and the whole series had me hooked. When you think the author can no longer surprise you, the next page turn has you reeling back in shock. The paranormal romance and fantasy theme had me sitting on the edge of my chair and my mind running wild. The title says it all. Lila Black is Cupid’s match – only here, Cupid isn’t a baby in a nappy, he’s a notorious heartbreaker and sexy as sin. The matchmaking service is something that has worked for centuries with our very own cupids bustling around creating human matches. And the whole system goes crazy when an ordinary teenage girl is matched with the original Cupid himself. The entire series is literally incredible and the writer’s imagination has no limit. A definite CUB must read, so go ahead and order if off Amazon now!

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