A Futuristic Dream or Longing For the Past? – ‘Landslides’ by SpaceAcre

Electro-pop duo SpaceAcre claim influences ranging from Goldfrapp to The Weepies, yet their mutual love of sci-fi seems to shine through in this debut single; ‘Landslides’. SpaceAcre describes the single as something which was “waiting to fall into place”. Upon listening, this sentiment is clear. As a soundtrack of contemplation, this song flows naturally.

‘Landslides’ draws you in with a soft and soothing crescendo. The soul-stirring vocals and intriguing contrast between birdsong and futuristic, synth beats hold your interest. This calming and conceptually interesting contrast continues in vocals reminiscent of Mitski or Phoebe Bridgers. The lyrics themselves, although sombre in many ways also present a happy nostalgia: 

“only with you when I sleep, that’s the only place I find my peace.” 

Following this example, the band themselves document the single and rest of their upcoming EP as about conflict both internally and within tumultuous relationships. Produced by James Sanger (Brian Eno, The Cure) it is of no surprise the song enacts such a relatable feeling of longing. 


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The hauntingly beautiful track is further described perfectly by the pair as

“a blend of strings, driving riffs, layers of synths and electronic beats contrasted with pure vocals, strong melodies and close harmonies”.  

A comforting instrumental eases us out just as gently as the tune began. We are left with a sense of tranquillity, mixed with anticipation for their upcoming EP Overthrown. Set to be released August 28th, ‘Landslides’ is the perfect introduction as the ensemble suggests the rest of the EP developed out of this enchanting single. 


The French-British duo themselves; Phoebe Little (lead vocals, guitar, keys) and Jas Scott (vocals, bass, synths, cello) formed by complete accident in mid-2019 while at a writing camp in Normandy. Although a somewhat unlikely pairing, their music has an effortless feel perhaps due to the combo’s uncommon approach to their music. Jas’ starts by creating a mystifying string loop and then they work together to flesh out the remainder of the song from there. 


While the band is “itching to get out on the road and gig this collection of songs” the current global pandemic has stopped them in their tracks. Instead, they are “taking the opportunity to constantly create”. This conjures up an exciting premise of more music, upon listening to ‘Landslides’.


To find out more about SpaceAcre in the anticipated wait for Overthrown check out their website and stream ‘landslides’ now on YouTube and SoundCloud’s ‘Fresh Pressed playlist’, below:

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