Eco-Friendly Beauty

It is no secret that the beauty industry has a serious sustainability problem. There are plenty of our products that utilize plastic packaging, contribute to deforestation and use ingredients produced in unhealthy conditions. It is time to begin ditching plastic packaging, throwing out toxic chemicals or synthetic materials, and opting for more sustainable products. These products should incorporate sustainably sourced and plant-derived ingredients.

Sustainable Changes

I have some tips for changing your beauty habits to reduce the amount of waste that is created with some of the products that you may already use. They aren’t drastic changes, but they still show you how little changes can make all the difference!

Find Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

If you are going to be sustainable, why not start from the beginning of the product? The way ingredients are sourced is important when it comes to the long-term impacts of farming them for cosmetics. You should look out for companies that have sustainability partnerships within the industry. It is easy to identify a product’s ingredients and whether they have been sustainably sourced by reading the packaging and looking for the key sustainability logos.

Use Refillables instead of Single-Use Packaging

Many brands have in-store recycling initiates and reward schemes for them. You can help the planet and save a little money in your bank account. Just because you are going green it does not mean you have to be spending more money. There are even reusable face masks that are becoming more widely available. Alternatively, you can find biodegradable versions, so there are many options to choose from when it comes to swapping your single-use products to reusable ones.

Replace Plastic Packaging with Aluminum or Glass or ‘Go Naked’

The easiest way to reduce your waste footprint, while not always aesthetically pleasing, but it is great for the environment. A good alternative to plastic is aluminum because it can be repeatedly recycled and is often the material that will actually be recycled by users. Then there is glass, which is another good alternative, but then there are the issues of weight and it is not safe in certain places. You could also ‘go naked’ and choose a product that does not require any packaging at all!

Water-Responsible Brands & Water-Friendly Chemicals

We are living in a world that has industries that require so much water that there is simply not enough to go around. Now brands are changing formulas to incorporate less water and push forward richer ingredients. There is also the added problem of chemicals in certain cosmetics that can cause and exacerbate conditions in the ocean reefs. If you want to change your sunscreen, then look for a reef-friendly option, so it can prevent reefs from being damaged by the bleaching from sunscreens.

Swap Liquid Soaps for Bar Soaps

This swap is another small change that can make all the difference. These soaps are largely sold naked or in plastic-free packaging. You can use them as replacements for shampoo, conditioner, body washes and your daily facial cleansers. There are more options available on the market that will not dry out your skin. There are even biodegradable soap pouches that are now available that will help dry out the soap after each wash so that it can last longer!

Eco-Friendly Products

The sector for organic beauty is beginning to grow as becoming environmentally responsible is increasingly apparent in this political climate. There are many brands that are making a push towards eco-friendly beauty products, and you’re in luck, because I have a few eco-friendly products that I can recommend! You can now go green and have wonderful products at your fingertips.

Umbra Tinte: Physical Daily Defense SPF 30

I cannot begin to tell you how difficult it is to find sunscreens that are genuinely eco-friendly. This sunscreen has been formulated without using silicones or chemical screens. The face cream is reef-safe while providing SPF 30 protection and giving your skin a radiant tint. It is a great daily wear option as the sunscreen does not leave any white residue or greasiness.

Kjaer Weis: Cream Blush

A brand that serves up refillable options and does not compromise on product performance. The majority of the ingredients also come from organic farming nor is the product tested on animals. You can get other great refillable products from the company which includes: lip products, powders and foundations. They come in a refillable metal compact and you can be assured that the formulas are largely natural and organic.

Cosmydor: E/4 Essential Care Lavender

The cream is suitable for all types of skin, particularly dry skin, and is great for hands that are often sanitised. There is an abundance of shea butter, jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil. These ingredients are fabulous for making sure the skin is thoroughly moisturised. It also contains lavender floral water and lavender essential oil to soothe the skin. This is an organic-certified cream that works fabulously on the hands and face.

Tata Harper: Clarifying Cleanser

An exfoliating and foaming gel cleanser that leaves the skin clean without drying it out or stopping it. It has a cooling effect and reduces the appearance of blemishes by balancing the oil and soothing redness. It holds ingredients like: arnica, calendula, willow bark, lactic acids and citric acids. Their cleansers come in recycled green bottles. Any of the plastic used is recycle and the ink on the bottle is created using soy.

Meow Meow Tweet: Lavender Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

This soap will nourish your hair but can even be used on your entire body. It contains the moisturising hemp seed oil and coconut milk to condition and soften your hair. Since the product does not require a bottle, it means your waste footprint will decrease, in comparison to your standard shampoo. I highly recommend checking out their conditioner bars, too. They compliment the shampoo bars and will help ditch all bottles.

Haeckels: Exfoliating Seaweed Block

Another bar option to replace liquid products. The soap is low-foaming, vegan-friendly and free of synthetic fragrances. The formula is vegetable based and utilised raw crushed botanicals with the pepper corns and coriander seeds. It also contains aloe vera, tea tree and sea weed. This soap is great for all skin types and will thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise the skin.

by Humankind: Deodorant

You can find a range of products from this brand that are super eco-friendly. This is a fantastic natural option when it comes to deodorants. It comes in a refillable container which is great for saving the planet from more plastic waste. You can choose your own container colour from charcoal to off-white and from grey to neon. The formula is also natural. There are no GMO’s, it is aluminium-free and it is paraben-free.

Pärla: Original Tabs

Toothpaste Tablets are becoming really popular and with that comes more options to choose from. I recently discovered another great option when it comes to tablets as these are eco-friendly. These will not foam up since they do not use palm oil and that is another way in which it betters the planet. They do not use any animal derivatives, artificial colours or artificial sweeteners. It is really worth a try!

Face Halo: Makeup Remover Pads

These really are cost-effective alongside being eco-friendly. I am still working through my cotton pads, but let’s be real, they are not helping me or the planet. These will easily remove your make-up and it only needs water. These pads are non-toxic and reusable. You do not even need to rub or scrub your face as these pads will gently remove your make-up alongside other impurities. I highly recommend these for sensitive skin.

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