Lila Tristam Returns In Dreamy Contemplation With ‘Our Friends’

Described by BBC Producer Claire Sevin as “the female Bon Iver”, Tristram returns with soothing euphoria in the first single from her upcoming EP, ‘Our Friends’.

Lila Tristam (credit - Paulina Korobkiewicz)

Lila Tristram – described by BBC Producer Claire Sevin as “the female Bon Iver” – has returned with her soothing euphoria in the first single from her upcoming sophomore EP, Our Friends.


Lila Tristam (credit – Paulina Korobkiewicz)

I recently discovered Lila by falling in love with her haunting debut EP. Sipping elderflower cordial in sparkling water, in the glittering sunlight over the period of hot weather we were so lucky to have; perhaps the perfect setting in which to listen to Lila’s dreamy soundscapes.  I cannot think of an artist whose music I find more calming, or comforting.

‘Our Friends’, mastered by Tim Debney (Sufjan Stevens, Tom Yhorke), begins with a delicately plucked acoustic guitar pattern. Tristram later eases in, with the most thought-provoking, cinematic opening line,

 “When the car behind you pulls away and the windscreen is our only lens”. 

There is comfort in the delicate rasp of her vocal which graces the simplicity of the production. Tristram’s vocal presence is at once as boldly raw as her lyrics, but non-distracting. 



The track progresses from acoustic plucking to the addition of vocals, to another non-distracting presence of eerie synth and atmospheric samples. The ambience is built through Lila’s immersive soundscape, that is a dreamy, contemplative stream of consciousness.  The record reminisces the kind of dazed, limp state you find yourself in after waking up from one of those warm, late-afternoon naps. The honest, but poetic lyricism reflecting on broken or confused past friendships as one might on a grey day. 


“If the truth is such a painful quest, then I am not so tired, cause I change under the gaze of my friends” 


Each of Lila’s songs is uniquely dynamic, with a multitude of crevices to crawl up in and… rest for a bit. Lila’s music is like clutching a favourite childhood book tight to the chest. Listening to Lila’s music is always an intimate, contemplative occasion that is almost ceremonial. 

We have not been left waiting too long for more from Lila Tristram, and I am GLAD. Music from such a stunningly introspective, yet not self-indulgent, young female artist is exactly the music I find myself craving in the latter end of this lengthy lockdown. I have been forced to lament – to painfully search for answers that are not there. Lila has provided a grassy, tranquil space for me to do this.  


Lila’s latest instalment ‘Our Friends’ has definitely left me feeling quenched … although I still wouldn’t say no to more! 


Click here to purchase ‘Our Friends’, or stream below.


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