Quirky Pop’s Tessa Violet is Featured on Yet Another Banger

Tessa Violet and Daysormay bring hard-hitting lyrics and an infectious beat in their collaboration ‘Role Model’.

I was first exposed to the electric and colourful work of Tessa Violet when I stumbled upon her music video for ‘Crush’. The almost painfully relatable hit documents the feelings and behaviours that manifest when you have a crush. This is an artist who speaks to the truth behind mundane feelings. But, Tessa puts a glossy synth beat behind these bops to make you feel almost cool as you throw your body about in a solo dance party. 



Knowing that Tessa was the only writer on all but one song of her debut album Bad Ideas, made me hesitate before listening to ‘Role Model’. I was worried that hearing the artist that has written so many carefully crafted hits (that I’m convinced are directly inspired by my own youthful angst), being featured on a song not written by her own fair hands would feel disjointed. Boy was I wrong. 



Daysormay, the 3-piece, consisting of twin brothers Carson and Nolan Bassett and Aidan Andrews, first released ‘Role Model’ in 2018. Violet initially heard the hit when she was scouring the web and asking fans for possible support acts for when she toured with COIN


This seemingly natural collaboration- as Tessa even brought Daysormay on as her first signing as A&R consultant for TAG label- stems from both acts’ roots in powerful lyrics and head-bopping synth sounds. Daysormay who have said they would only collaborate on a track if the other artist would “elevate” the track, and of course, Tessa brings it on her verses and harmonies. 



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new song comes out may 29th. ROLE MODEL @daysormay featuring meeeee. PRE-SAVE FOR CLEAR SKIN. link in bio!!

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While ‘Role Model’ is a slight departure from Tessa’s usually brighter sound, the grungier undertone is a welcome addition to hear surrounding her simplistic vocals. 


‘Role Model’ speaks to dependency, on both bad habits and those around us, as well as being reticent to change. Relatable, right? The lyrics and the sound being almost contradictory in their emotion highlight the aesthetic the hit is discussing: loving your habits but hoping you become someone else. 


Daysormay fans who were rightfully enamoured with ‘Role Model’ before this rerelease may have wondered what the purpose of rerecording such a bop is. But the charm of this edition of the hit is how clearly this is a passion project. Their insane 24 hours of recording Tessa’s vocals and then shooting the gorgeous rain-soaked music video, shows how clearly excited they are by this work, which in turn is reflected in this enrapturing final product. 


Daysormay is the English phonetic of désormais, meaning ‘from now on’. This name is fitting, as from now on, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the three-piece. 


Listen to ‘Role Model’ Here: 


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