Humanity on a Scale

If a being that’s separate from us mortals,

made a final judgement based on morals,

would they focus on the triumphs, unconditional love and selfless acts?

Or would they glance upon the unjust systems and the selfish decisions?

For one human, it’s impossible to assess without the sense that it’s unfruitful.


Inherently, are we good? 

It’s hard to imagine anything impure in childhood.

But the capability of bad is always there,

free will gives us the chance.

We all take our own stance.


But the question remains, if all of humanity were weighed on a balance scale,

would the good or bad avail?

Looking at the news, you always see evil without fail,

but I’d like to think that the people I know and love, the good ones, will prevail.


Image Credits: NASA –


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