Man Enough To Wear Make Up?

Your one-stop male grooming and makeup guide!


This one is for the guys. There is still a stigma that exists when it comes to men choosing to wear makeup. Yes, I am talking to the people who feel the need to continue to ridicule men for wearing makeup, that just isn’t cool. You should know well enough by now that makeup isn’t just for men, not all brands advertise that their products can be used by any gender, so I am giving the ultimate guide for men’s make-up. You can find the inside scoop here on male grooming and makeup. I have got primers, foundations, concealers, bronzers and eyebrow/eyelash gels. There is something for every guy in here!


An Emerging Market


I don’t usually focus on ‘women’s makeup’ or ‘men’s makeup’ on their own. I write for anyone who wants to wear makeup or learn great skincare tips. We have, in recent years at least, reached a point where men’s makeup has been openly embraced.



I say makeup should be for everyone and business is booming for the male grooming industry. It is currently worth $56 billion globally. These changes have been brought on by  Gen Z consumers, who are influencing industry changes, especially in a push for gender neutral beauty.



I’m here for those of you wanting to get into makeup. We’re starting off with the basic products that will help enhance your natural beauty. Let’s get started!




I’m not diving into all the different skincare products you should be using prior to makeup for this one. There are so many things to counter into that, just make sure your skin is clean and fully moisturised, so treat yourself with a good cleanser and moisturiser. Then you’re going to take a good-quality primer to prepare your skin for the makeup you want to use. This is to ensure the skin remains moisturised and provides a proper base for your makeup.


War Paint For Men: Primer


This primer works really well on its own or for the base of your makeup routine. You will only need a little bit of this product. Just use your fingertips or a beauty sponge to place the product on your skin. The formula ensures that your foundation will remain matte.




Milk Makeup: Hydro Grip Primer


Another brilliant option is the Hydro Grip Primer. It’s a cult classic in the beauty industry. It hydrates the skin thanks to the plant-derived seed extract. The blue agave gives the primer a grip effect to make sure your makeup lasts throughout the day. You can say hello to healthy and glassy looking skin with this primer.






It does what it says on the tin. This will provide a foundation for the rest of your makeup by evening out your skin tone for other products. You can get sheer skin tints all the way to high coverage foundations that will disguise your darkest scars.


Glossier: Perfecting Skin Tint


Technically, this isn’t a foundation, it’s a skint tint which is just a sheer skin enhancer. If you don’t want to wear foundation then this is your best bet! It’s got a breathable and lightweight formula that evens out your skin’s natural appearance and gives it a smooth and dewy finish.




Charlotte Tilbury: Airbrush Flawless Foundation


This foundation has more coverage. It’s still weightless, long-lasting and has a natural matte finish. You can get foundations in finishes that are matte or dewy. It’s totally up to you. You don’t have to be heavy handed with many of these since a little goes a long way.




Colour Corrector


There’s only so much a good foundation can do. Your natural skin can have certain discolourations that can continue to make your skin blotchy regardless of whether you choose to wear foundation. That’s why there are colour concealers. They neutralise colour imperfections of your natural complexion.


Dior: Fix it Colour


This is a multipurpose colour concealer. It will target and neutralise colour imperfections around the eyes and lips. The formula contains a soft focus powder at the centre to give the illusion of a perfected skin surface while its surrounded by a shade that will neutralise the certain colour imperfection.




Chanel: Le Correcteur de Chanel


A long-wear colour corrector that will fix those colour imperfections and produce a more even complexion. It’s got minerals that reflect light and creates a blurring effect that smoothes over imperfections. There are also moisturising agents that will ensure you have supple skin for the rest of the day.






These are much like colour correctors, except they are used to bring light to the face, contour it or it can be used to reduce the appearance of imperfections and blemishes. It’s really up to you. You can also use this as a substitute for foundation to even your complexion if you don’t want to wear foundation.


Givenchy: Teint Couture Everwear Concealer


This is a highly pigmented but creamy concealer. It’s great for lightening your under-eye circles. The product comes with a heart-shaped applicator, however, I would take a little bit of product from the wand with my ring finger and blend it in with my fingers. You don’t need much to go far with this high coverage concealer.




Tom Ford: Concealer


A stick concealer that is really easy to use. You can quickly reduce the appearance of razor cuts, blemishes, redness or under-eye circles. Again, you just need to apply it with your fingers, blend it gently into the skin so the concealer can seamlessly hide any imperfections.






Baking. Setting. Locking. This is used to set the foundation, concealer and other products that can move or transfer throughout the day. You also use powders to reduce the appearance of oil and sweat throughout the day by dabbing a little onto your face when you think you need to reduce your shine.


Gucci: Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel Face Powder


A powder with a matte finish that will ensure you have a flawless complexion. The formula is buildable which means you can touch up your natural skin or over your makeup throughout the day. It’s very lightweight and you can just use the sponge applicator that comes with the compact.



Armani Beauty: Neo Nude Fusion Powder


This powder gives a more luminous finish, much like its associated foundation, that works with the skin’s natural glow. If you want to avoid any harsh lines, smears or caking throughout the day, then pick this one up. I recommend using a good fluffy brush with this powder.






Another pretty self-explanatory process, these products help you contour the face, mainly by sculpting and defining the features you want to sharpen up. You can add dimension to your cheekbones, jawline, hairline and then bring light to the highpoint of your face with highlighter or a lighter contour shade. You should really experiment with a contour product and see what you like best when sculpting your face because not every person uses the same technique!


Dior: Backstage Contour Palette


You can get contour products individually or purchase a contour palette that comes with different shades to add dimension. It’s entirely your choice! This is a really good palette, These powders have rich pigment and are buildable. They also come out really smooth and are long-wearing.




Charlotte Tilbury: Contour Wand


If you’re not into powders, then you can get liquid contour sticks, you can also get them in pencils or cream sticks. There are loads to choose from! I recommend getting testers and experimenting with what products you like. This particular wand is fantastic as it’s lightweight and dispenses product evenly.





There are so many ways you can do your brows proper justice. It’s rare to be blessed with perfect brows, and if you are, we are all seething with jealousy. You can have perfect eyebrows and still use a little pomade to keep it in place. Or, you can fill in sparse areas with a pencil, or use a gel brow formula.


Burberry: Effortless Eyebrow Definer


Don’t get too light or heavy handed with your brow pencil! You want to accentuate your eyebrows, not turn them into a pile of ashes, nor do you want to transform them into black slugs. This pencil has a really nice flat edge to define the eyebrows without much work and comes with its own spoolie to brush them out.




Glossier: Boy Brow


A pomade is a creamy and crushable wax that helps to groom, shape or thicken the appearance of your brows depending on the shade you get. It’s a little bit like a hair pomade, while giving the brows a flexible and soft hold, it doesn’t flake or stiffen. You can find them in a transparent form or in a colour shade.






Sometimes you want to give your eyes that little extra… oomph. That’s where mascara comes in! You don’t need to have it in colour, which usually means they are black or brown, but you can get clear ones. This is going to push them up and give them a little shape, length and volume depending on the type of mascara you want to pick up.


Gucci: Mascara L’Obscur


I think the wand and the formula of this mascara works really well for anyone. It’s got this buildable black hue with a wand that’ll help your lashes become more distinct in their shape. If you’re in the business for curling and lifting your lashes then this one mascara you need to check out.




The Body Shop: Brow & Lash Gel


This product works as both a brow and lash gel. It’s also really great for enhancing your lashes without adding too much to them. This is just a handy little product that will put any lashes or brow hairs that are out of place into the places you want them to be in. Pick this up for a very natural look.




You’re adding light to the highpoints of your face. When the sunshine or light hits your face, wherever there is highlighter, your face will glow. You can also use it to make your overall complexion glow or make it dewy by putting it in places beyond the highpoints. You can find highlighter palettes in powder form or you can get liquid or cream stick highlighters. Again, there are many formulas from powder to liquid, but I think that cream and liquid formulas give the most natural finishes.


Chanel: Baume Essentiel


This is a moisturising highlighter that will give you the summer glow you’ve always wanted. It’s like sunshine in a tube. It acts as a balm for the lips, eyes and face. You just need to glide it on wherever you want. You can use this on its won or over your makeup to highlight and sculpt your complexion.




Armani Beauty: Fluid Sheer


This highlighter is also weightless and has buildable pigment. You can wear this on its own, mix it into any of your foundations, or place it on your highpoints for added radiance and colour. Your highlighter doesn’t have to be all glitter, you can have a little colour, which will add warmth or cool down the overall tone of your face.






This one doesn’t need explaining. You can get lipsticks and other lip products in all shades and formulas. I want to point out some excellent lip balms prior to putting on other lip products. A good lip balm will really save you from having dry and broken lips. It will also make your lip tint, tinted balms or lipsticks look much more flawless.


Tom Ford: Hydrating Lip Balm


A sleek tube with a nourishing lip balm will help you battle those dry lips. You’re here because you want to improve the texture and smoothness of your lips. The formula contains a blend of natural oils to help your lips by conditioning them and soothing the lips by hydrating them.




Gucci: Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm (1, Joslyn Clair)


These lip balms don’t hold back when it comes to moisturising your lips. They came in various shades, too! You can use this product on the eyelids to give your eyes a glossy finish. It’s a lightweight and non-stick formula that effortlessly hydrates and nourishes your lips.




There are so many fun products to experiment with. These are just the basics for any of you guys out there wanting to get into makeup. You deserve to feel just as fabulous! It doesn’t matter what gender you are, pick up any product, give it a whirl because makeup is to be enjoyed by everyone!

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