White Noise

This white noise 

is holding me hostage

with a gun to the head

making demands

in a different language

and i cannot understand

what i want from myself

i just want to free of

this white noise


This white noise

is infecting my mind

house squatting like a parasite 

trashing the living room

burning down the kitchen

sleeping in my bedroom

taking over my life

please leave now, I beg

this white noise


This white noise

is buzzing like a bee

tormenting my ear drums

leaving a stinging remark

i swat it away

but it parries my attacks

and it keeps coming back

i cannot get away from 

this white noise


i am alone

my sanity is losing this fight

too many thoughts…too few friends

to keep me distracted

from this white noise


listen to me, says the music

speaking with serene voice

in a language i can understand

focus on me, not on this white noise

i turn up the volume 

and finally forget

but all good things come to an end

and so the song concludes

i try to escape (believe me, i do)

but within seconds i am held hostage once more

by this maddening, confusing, exhausting

white noise


Image Credits: Daan Stevens – https://unsplash.com/photos/9z0V7KuvPgo

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