Flicker: an immersive horror experience by COLAB theatre

With theatre hard to come by at the moment, Flicker by COLAB theatre (@colabtheatre on Instagram) is simply a must-see immersive performance. Flicker is an intriguing take on the classic ‘Who done it’ with a sprinkle of horror. The premise of the story is that you have to exorcise a lost soul haunting South London by solving a murder.

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Horror is a central element of the play. While this may put some off, I feel the horror elements are widely accessible for everyone, whether you love horror or not. It’s entry level. If you are really uncomfortable during the performance, there is a safe word you can use. There is one part of the performance where you and/or your pod, venture off to retrieve an item for an exorcism. This is probably the scariest moment of the whole performance. [There is THAT safe word if you need] 

One thing I felt was that it’s just nice to see people again, have conversations, interact and get to the bottom of the mystery. Our host, Reverend Stanley Parks (Benjamin Chamberlain) was fantastic in guiding our group through the mystery whilst also being attentive and making sure everyone felt included. Oh, and did I mention there is a bar that’s part of the performance? Of course, you don’t have to drink but the option is there to have drinks brought to you by Reverend Parks’ assistant Florence Parks (Lucy Ashmore) throughout the performance. [This helps to calm the nerves…] 

On that note, the improvisation was spot on, adding to the realism of the play. In particular Ben Chamberlain was fantastic and created the world you inhabit for the duration of the performance starting from greeting you at the door. There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t believe Reverend Parks was a real person. Furthermore, both Ben Chamberlain and Lucy Ashmore were quick to respond in character to any situation that arose, whether that was a minor problem with the audio system or someone not bringing a pair of headphones to listen to a transcript [Puts hand up guiltily].

Of course, due to the interactive nature of the play you can participate as much or as little as you like in solving the mystery but obviously the more you get involved the more you will take away from this performance. I think my participation might have been a little too enthusiastic. By the end of the play my fellow group members thought I was an actor who had been planted within the audience [If you ever need an extra actor COLAB Theatre I’m just saying...]. 

Everything is COVID safe. You are in a group of 14 people but spread around the room in your pods which can either consist of yourself or another member of your household. Despite sitting apart, the room was small enough that you can talk across the room to another pod in order to gather information, so the social element remains intact. 

It is a credit to COLAB theatre for being able to create a performance that still works and doesn’t break the immersion despite all the restrictions with the current times they are operating in. 

To put it simply, Flicker was just the escapism I needed, with the final reveal being pretty confrontational.  

If you are a student, Flicker provides the perfect opportunity for you and your flat mates especially since there isn’t much you can do at university due to current restrictions. This will be a fantastic bonding and team building experience. 

Flicker is COLAB theatre’s latest production and will be running until the 8th November with multiple shows on each day. Tickets are bought per pod (consisting of two people) and start at £49.00. For more information and to book tickets visit: https://www.colabtheatre.co.uk/flicker

A discount code for 10% off: TOAST

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