Snoh Aalegra’s ‘Dying 4 Your Love’, Gives Us All the ‘Feels’

Snoh’s intricate lyrics capture her struggle between giving up on a past love, or giving the feelings they once shared another chance.

It was around a year ago that I first heard Snoh Aalegra’s critically acclaimed sophomore album Ugh, those feels again, and I was instantly hooked. The cleverly titled sequel to her debut album, Feels, showcased her soulful, sultry vocals and took us through the emotional highs and lows of the romance she depicts throughout. 

The same can be said for Snoh Aalegra’s July 2020 release,  which once again takes us on a journey, this time through her struggle between yearning after her love interest, and putting what were once great memories to rest. The song conveys a constant struggle between knowing this relationship cannot continue, but not being able to walk away from it. 

Although Snoh assertively concludes that she “don’t deserve this”, the song lacks finality, as she continues with her catchy reminder that she was “dying for this love”. It feels as if the songstress is a friend you can’t keep from revisiting a toxic  relationship and possibly heading for heartbreak, a possible insight into the theme of what is set to be a modern, classic r&b album. 

“And tell me how am I supposed to go ahead and just erase

Every feelin’, every memory we shared?”


Snoh’s intricate lyrics capture her struggle between giving up on a past love, or giving the feelings they once shared another chance. 

Well accomplished London songwriter Ari Pen Smith, who has previously worked with the likes of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Snoh Aalegra herself; once again aided the writing of honest, vulnerable lyrics, as with their previous collaboration, Snoh’s 2019 release “Situationship”.

“So how can I/

Believe or trust in anything that you say/

When you so easily regret it the next day?”


The emotional lyrics are complimented well by P2J’s sombre, yet softly hopeful beat. Snoh’s passionate vocals intertwine with the serene track to create a late-night r&b feel. Again, familiarity plays a role in the harmonious feel of the song, as P2J also worked on ‘Situationship’ with the pair. 

The IPW directed video also creates this contrast between a sweet nostalgic past, shown through Snoh’s use of an old style keyboard phone at the beginning of visual, and an awe striking future in which she watches over a meteor shower and sings in a holographic recording booth. It was also an opportunity for her to showcase merchandise originally meant for her 2020 tour, which is now up for sale with 50% of proceeds to be donated to social justice organisation Until Freedom

The R&B track boasts two firsts for the songstress. It is her first new release of 2020 and primary release under a new partnership with Jay-z’s Roc Nation.

As for a new album or project we can only hope this single is a taste of more to come later this year.

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