Morphamish’s ‘Spark’ is a Vibrant and Jazzy Spin on Electro-Pop

An experimental veteran of electro-pop, Morphamish offers audiences the optimism of dancing: a feeling lost to the pandemic, until now.

Edinburgh based electro-pop artist Morphamish has been at the game for a long time. With his production career rooted in the idea of live music, it’s clear to hear how much time Hamish Campbell spends curating the perfect track to get everybody dancing. Bass-driven songs interspersed with samples and remixes made for some of the more experimental of the scene’s club music, however, with the pandemic in full swing and dancing confined to one’s own bedroom, Morphamish has opted for a different kind of feel. 

‘Spark’ Morphamish album artwork (courtesy of Anywhen Music PR)

“As a reaction, I was inspired to create music for everyone to energise and uplift, that still satisfies the underground, which bangs as much as it’s heartwarming, makes you feel a bit cheeky, and is as good in the kitchen as on the dancefloor.”

Hamish Campbell, a.k.a. Morphamish

The track does still rely on the strong bass foundations that Morphamish learnt in the nascence of his career performing at the Edinburgh Nights in 1997 under the aliases of Morph and Solar Plexus. Nevertheless, the syncopated hi-hats and saxophone mark a change from the producer’s earlier work. Previous release ‘Party Animals’ was a heavily sampled experimental track that would have seemingly alienated the less acquainted and underground of the genre. Heaviness is something that Campbell has forgone on his new release ‘Spark’, which is as radio-friendly and chirpy as this wave of electro-pop could possibly get. 

‘Spark’ stands strong on his hip-hop roots which reside at the back of the track, leading you to the dancefloor with a reliable groove. The interest and innovation come from the more upbeat jazzy tones of the brass which work in beautiful conjunction with the dancing feel of the track. It made me feel somewhat reminiscent of the summer, and those long evenings which are seemingly over as soon as they’ve started. Overall it does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes you want to get up and dance, even when the world has restricted it to your bedroom. 

With a new logo and colour scheme for the artist’s socials and the backing of his record label RIOT record, ‘Spark’ could be the start of an interesting turn in Morphamish’s career, departing from his earlier club tunes into a much more ska-infused breakbeat techno sort of track. Something of which I for one am thoroughly excited about. 

‘Spark’ is out on all streaming platforms on 19th February. Can’t wait until then? Enjoy The Citadel below. 

Media and quotes courtesy of Anywhen Music. 

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