Bring on the bold type (Spoilers)

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“And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back” -Jacqueline Carlyle

Please note : This piece is an opinion piece and not fact, but a personal review from the writer.

The Bold Type, the Netflix comedy drama mainly following the lives of three women, Jane, Sutton and Kat. We watch as they live out their dreams in New York City, working for Scarlet Magazine. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a show for entertainment purposes, but The Bold Type does so much more than entertain. It pushes boundaries and confronts real life issues. The Bold Type is refreshing for a change, we get to follow multiple different characters perspectives as we confront issues such as fertility, sexual assault, consent, sexuality, politics and so much more. Not only does the show have you question and think, but also allows you a chance to empathise and reflect with each of the characters and their journeys throughout the show. Unlike most things we see in the media, The Bold Type is relatable and emphasises modern day messages of feminism and empowerment. So whether you’re like Kat and refuse to back down from challenges, or you’re like Sutton chasing after every one of your dreams, take a dive into the show and get inspired.

How could we have a fierce series without our leader, our female boss? Well Jacqueline Carlyle played by actress Melora Hardin is more than just fierce, brave and ‘bold’ (see what i did there). She demands, challenges and pushes each of our main characters to want more out of life and by doing so has perhaps become one of the biggest icons of the show. Especially from watching her relationship between her and Jane develop on a writer’s level, but also beyond that. Right from the moment we know how Jane lost her mother at a young age, we watch as she and Jacqueline bond; it’s almost like watching Jane gain the mother figure she always wanted. It is hard considering Jane is a character always on the edge and anxious but with a little nudge now and then from Jacqueline she does take some major leaps in her work and I think has earned her spot as one of my favourite characters.

Melora Hardin is fierce, brave and ‘bold’

The Bold Type not only offers the character of a fierce female boss, but also a character that takes her spot as the underdog. It is with the character Sutton that has most inspired me, because in some ways I relate to her heavily, she comes from a background where she’s always struggled, she sacrifices and pushes herself so hard that she manages to land a job she has always wanted. However, Sutton doesn’t manage to avoid all the drama as right from the beginning of the show her relationship with co-worker Richard becomes complicated. From the beginning of the show, Richard and Sutton are a secret, but she refuses to be hidden anymore and tells him what she wants and in taking a ‘bold’ step, Richard takes her out on a date. From this, their relationship blossoms beautifully to the scene in which we get to see Richard propose to Sutton, and finally our character gets what we hope is her happy ever after, considering everything that has been thrown her way. This plot serves not only as offering audiences a couple to thrive and love, but it also shows determination and strength. 

But, who would the show be without our favourite social media manager, Kat Edison. Kat, a black lesbian woman who faced not only owning and exploring her own sexuality with none other than the beautiful Adena, who is a lesbian muslim woman, but also Kat runs for city council in the series and explores themes of race, politics and her own abortion she had when she was younger. Having Kat not only represent race but also sexuality I think is a brilliant way of bringing inter-sectional feminism into the show. Kat owns who she is and despite all the hardships she faces, she still remains brave and powerful and definitely fuels that spirit to many viewers of the show. Without Kat you lose a major part of Scarlet, and I think it should also be noted that having her in one of the top major positions in the magazine is an excellent representation of black women in power. 

So, if you have or you haven’t watched the show yet, (apologies for the spoilers) I think you should go ahead and get on with giving it a watch, even if it’s for the fourth time. Seeing a show like this in the modern era is an excellent example of moving forward and confronting issues that we all face and need more representation of.

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