Gig Review: Project Culture blasts onto the London Indie Scene with a brilliant headline show

Indie rock band, and former Queen Mary University students Project Culture treated audiences to an energetic headline show in Dalston.

Having not been to a proper show since the start of the pandemic, when CUB writers Erin Hill and I were offered tickets to see Queen Mary Alumni play in Dalston we could never pass up the opportunity. Situated in the back of a dive bar which served cold Orchards cider and a warm friendly feel reminiscent of teenagehood local gigs, four bands put on a show which was brimming with euphoria and tension release. With headliners Project Culture at the helm, the night was shaping to be a brilliant showcase of the talent that Queen Mary has helped to bring together and shape. 

Tenacious Elephant productions – the hosts of the event – are also notably a group that started during their tenure in the Queen Mary Alternative Music Society in 2017, where they aimed to create a flourishing music scene on campus. Unsurprisingly with all this context in mind, Project Culture was the perfect band to cap the night off. 

Showcasing new song ‘The Girl with the Sun in Her Eyes’ which came out late last year, the foursome kept the audience dancing and jumping as they played the soundtrack to the catharsis of our post-lockdown release. Without question, they wore their Beatles and Smiths influences on their sleeves during the performance, helmed by charismatic vocalist Gary Hill, staring the audience down as he bellowed out the indie rock hits that made Project Culture so iconic. The boys were not only entertaining and fun to watch, but also carried themselves with a level of professionalism not normally so easily found in local shows. It was clear to see that these guys have a brilliant path laid out for them.

With the track ‘Me, Myself and I (and the other Five Guys)’ also showing the vocal versatility of lead guitarist Peter Stanley, I was wowed by the showcase of talent that seemed to ooze from the group. Without a shadow of a doubt,  I will remember this gig to be my first after the seemingly never-ending lockdown after lockdown, and what a brilliant way to kick it off. 

Want to follow the band in their future gigs and music to be released? Find their linktree below and make sure not to miss out on their next performance!!

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