Sara Pascoe and the importance of open conversation

Sara Pascoe’s sophmore novel, titled “Sex, Power, Money” is a non-fiction publication focusing on how different dynamics affect the role of sex in modern society. Pascoe is a comedian who has previously written a novel titled “Animal”, on human relationships.

In her writing, her comedic voice comes through effectively, keeping a light-hearted tone while also exploring darker topics in an appropriate fashion when necessary.

“Sex, Power Money” explores a variety of topics, ranging from ‘what do we consider pornography’ to ‘the inexplicable variation of human sexuality’. The novel emphasizes the importance of sexuality to the human race, both in a biological and pleasurable sense. As Pascoe says herself, “human beings just love sex.” The comical manner in which Pascoe speaks and writes creates a welcoming environment to read about topics that are usually considered taboo. At no point does the reader feel the need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable because she does not make them feel so. Writing about sex in such an open and personal way means that “Sex, Power, Money” is able to connect with the reader as an individual and makes reading the novel feel less like non-fiction and more like a conversation that we are involved in and also a conversation that is now open to talk about and easily accessible to a wide audience.

Pasco manages to make her work informative as well as amusing, the novel is full of information about human sexual evolution. For example, did you know men’s bodies release a hormone after sex that is scientifically proven to make them sleepier so that women could continue having sex with other men? This is to improve her change of pregnancy and so that the male would not question their parental dominance over the child (or less scientifically, did you know that Sara Pascoe once worked for Robbie Williams’ father?)

“Sex, Power, Money” is important for people growing up and living in our society because sex is everywhere that we look. Pascoe highlights the pros and cons of sex work, and why judgements on the industry cannot be black and white; she highlights the power exchange between men and women in a social sense (if a woman is bought a drink in a bar is a man simply buying her a drink or is he buying her time that she feels obligated to give to him because of the drink?)

Pascoe has a way of making you think about these questions in a broader sense, opening a discussion and she might just change how you view sex and relationships in your own life. Clearly researched and highly entertaining, Sara Pascoe creates a book that will be well remembered by me and many others.


Sex, Power, Money by Sara Pascoe is a Sunday Times Top 5 Bestseller, avaliable in all good book stores now.

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