The beauty of Autumn

During Autumn, the weather is unpredictable – one day it’s sunny, the next moment it is raining and straight after that we see a rainbow.

In spite of the haywire weather, Autumn is my favourite season. We witness leaves changing colour, nights beginning to get longer, we’re always drinking hot drinks and as winter approaches, we wear cute and cosy clothes!

Here are some photographs I have taken recently that remind me of Autumn. Some aren’t as great, but they still encapsulate the beauty of Autumn.

These two pictures are of the same place on campus, but at different times of the day.

I love walking by this pathway. I simply think it’s beautiful and we can really see that in the first photograph. It was incredibly sunny that morning and the rays of sunshine seeping past the trees casted beautiful shadows upon the ground and building.

The second photo was also taken in the morning, clearly a different day to the first picture. We can see the foreshadowing gloomy weather approaching and as I predicted, it begun raining not long after this picture was taken.

I feel as though that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, this pathway always manages to look good – when it’s sunny, everything seem bright and when it is about to rain, the trees look so much darker and I think that’s just beautiful.

This rainbow was sitting outside my house on a Saturday afternoon. The seemingly shiny texture appears from the wet and rocky ground. The fallen and scattered leaves really gave me an autumn vibe. Even during rainy weather, a nice photograph can be taken.

I captured this photograph in Greenwich Park on a sunny afternoon. Autumn to me means trees and colourful leaves and I think this picture accentuates the beauty of autumn a lot. The photo was taken at a slight high-angle so that the stairs seemed to spiral down more than they actually were.

I take a lot of pictures of campus – it’s a habit as my phone is always in my hand. These two photos are essentially the same, apart from the time difference. The first picture I actually edited on instagram because I thought it enhanced the features of the image, such as the dark shadow on one half of the picture and the brightness on the other half.

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