The Boy Least Likely To Break Your Heart: 2005 Pop Music

This is your weekly reminder to be gentle with one another.

As someone who strives to be kind in a world that is often abrasive and cruel, this throwback The Boy Least Likely To number is my new best friend. 

2005 twee-pop nearing on PSA takes shape in the music of The Boy Least Likely To  – a factory settings button for the soul. The childish and youthful optimism of Jof Owen’s voice as he proclaims his fear of spiders and implores the listener to just ‘Be Gentle With Me’, reminding the listener of the immense vulnerability in us all. In a world of pandemics, political differences, and increasing post-apocalyptic-esque nihilism, giving in to the urge within us all to be defensive and dismissive is dangerous. Imagining one another complexly and with an open mind is what saw us through those long months of lockdown, and as we enter this newly-tiered world we must hold onto that spirit. That is where this track comes in. 

“I just want to sparkle for a moment/Before I just fizzle out and die”


This powerful, yet haunting opening to a song about kindness but also the feeling of futility as we go through life is a feeling I’m sure we all relate to. It reminds us of how special life is, and the importance of tenderness.

These lyrics are grounded in nature, highlighting the stars, spiders, insects, peaches, and cherry trees – bringing to mind the harmony and cyclical nature of the natural world. When imploring gentleness, no matter how “mental” one may be, this reminder of fulfilling a purpose for a greater whole and inherent beauty in just existing, is a wonderful note in an already sublime song. 

“I guess I’ve always needed/ To be needed by someone/ It’s a comforting feeling/Being under someone’s thumb”.


The weight of these lyrics (my favourite verse) brings the comfort of knowing you are loved and love even if that is overwhelming at times.

This beautiful track is one to turn to after looking at the news and tearing your hair out, or while stressing over essays and exams, or when the world feels like it’s closing in. Enjoy below.

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