We are an award-winning Arts and Culture magazine, publishing a range of articles online every Saturday, as well as publishing our print magazine four times during the academic year and distributing it around the Queen Mary’s University campus. In the past, we have had great success, with our work being highlighted as one of the best on campus.  We are constantly looking for new contributors, so get involved!

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Advertising Costs

Want your company to feature on our website where we publish weekly every Saturday from 10:00am? Or in one of the four printed editions of CUB that we publish throughout the academic year and distribute around campus?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then please see the below table for information about costs, and email CUB’s Editors-In-Chief Ruby Punt and Joshua Fraser for more information: editorcub@gmail.com

*Sizes for Online Banners can be discussed with advertisers. There is no set size, just the size we want the design team to make them.

*The sizes of Half Page and Full Page Online adverts again have no set sizes and will be discussed with advertisers. The size agreed will be the one everyone thinks fits the articles best. The prices for the Half Page and Full Page Online adverts will be the same as the prices for the Printed equivalent shown in the above table.

*No VAT is applicable on either the printed or online version of CUB. All of the above prices are accurate to what we are charging for this academic year.

Here is an example of an Online Banner on our website.


Here is an example of an advertisement in one of our printed editions.