Dating after a long-term relationship breakup- What’s new?

The dating scene constantly changes, the way we interact with people, the goal of dating them casually or having something more serious with them can be a minefield to explore […]

Gaslighting- Know the signs

I think the phrase ‘gas lighting’ has been thrown around recently with little historical context or understanding of what it really is or what the signs are if you truly […]

Birth Control Gap

150 million women take birth control pills. Myself included. However, when you ask these women the side effects of the pill, or ask them about other contraceptive options, over half […]

Sex on your Period? Five People’s Thoughts

Period sex is often a controversial topic, despite it being a decision most women have to face every 28 days or so. Some treat it as the be-all and end-all, […]

Hook-Up Culture: Toxic or Empowering?

As I sat in Drapers for the mandatory Monday’s Calling piss up, I asked some of my friends how they feel about hook-up culture. Most of my friends, myself included, […]

Why I Can Shave My Body Hair and Still be a Feminist

Over time, women’s body hair has been a large topic of conversation, becoming less about personal preference and more of a political statement. The popularity of women’s body hair has […]


‘So, you want to be a porn photographer? Well, your parents must be proud…’ ‘You’ll find a model, don’t worry about it… it won’t be me -sorry-, but there’s someone […]

Choosing Babies over Education

As a 20-year-old woman, I was born with a mindset which believed in two ways of life; either you go to university and in turn start a career, or you […]

I’m coming out of my ‘closet’ and I’ve been doing just fine!- Coming out at University

Coming out in any social situation can be tough but I think that there is one place that people feel most comfortable in coming out of their shell- University. It […]