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On Site Office Hour: The CUB Editor in Chief, Angelica Hill, and Events and PR Coordinator, Sophie Haines, will be having weekly office hours every Monday 1 – 2pm during term time, for all CUB Team members, CUB members, or anyone else who wants to write an article, chat about how to get involved in CUB, brainstorm an idea, or run anything at all past them.

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Editor in Chief: Angelica Hill [editorcub@gmail.com]

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Harpreet Pal, Eleanor Mae Jackson

‘This Weeks Need To Know”:Sarah Hopkins,  (Regular Contributor: Joel Phillips)

Arts Editors: arts@cubmagazine.co.uk

Theatre and Dance: Alison Murphy and Connor Gotto

Modern and Fine Art: Thalia Chin and Beth Graham

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Emily Dempsey, Seren Morris, Siobhan Christie Vanessa Luff, Chrissie Antoniou


Damsel Undistressed: Diana Stovislavova

Foodue Confessions: Julia Margetts, Jola Jassy

Excuse My French: Zac Turner, Ellen Roberts-James

Middle Eastern Madness: Azmin Mistry

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Head of Team: Josie Durney

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This Weeks Need to Know: Joel Phillips

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Arts (Modern and Fine Art): Joseph Steen

London: Aisha: Alice Pagano

London: What to Do: Nicole Brownfield

Film: Christian Lynn

Music: Sonal Lad

Style: Sarah Maycock

Unisex: Sarah Hopkins

Damsel Undistressed: Harvey Moldon

Foodie Confessions: Jack James Ridley

Excuse My French: Azmin Mistry

New Column: Political Stuff Middle East: Rima Rashid

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Want to feature on our website, or maybe you are longing to advertise with us, and reach a student audience of thousands? Then get in touch with our fabulous PR & Marketing and Social Media/Online team!

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