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On Site Office Hour: The CUB Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Brownfield, will be having weekly office hours every Tuesday 12.30 – 1.3opm during term time, for all CUB Team members, CUB members, or anyone else who wants to write an article, chat about how to get involved in CUB, brainstorm an idea, or run anything at all past them.

Where: Ground Cafe

When: TBC

Photo Credit: Ali Bahcaci


Editor-in-Chief: Nicole Brownfield

Features Editors: Gabrielle Agyei, Tabitha Grace Purslow, Fran Spree, Jasmine Ali

Arts Editors: Moneeka Thakur, Maria Albano, Charlotte Rubin, Louise Fligman, Layla Angell
‘Personal Platform’: Samuel Clarke, Moneeka Thakur

London Editors: Lisha Halai, Taylor Paige Humphreys, Samantha Vincent, Stevie Cannell

Film Editors: Guy Edbrooke Pullen, Robert Stayte, Meliha Siddiqui

Style Editors: Erin Wallace, Karina Bogdan, Sarah Maycock []

Music Editors: Rachel Peters, Josephine Whitehouse, Anna Tranter, Azraa Khan, Flora Medford, Heather O’Brien []

Unisex Editors: Demi Whitnell, Matthew Ferguson, Chrissie Antoniou

Columnists: Georgina Gambetta, Isabelle Rose Hathaway, Flora Medford, Samuel Clarke, Charlotte Whittacker, Maleeka Imam, Maria Jones, Charlotte Rubin, Tracy Jawad, Azmin M. Mistry

Photography Editors:
Ali Bahcaci, Jenya Verma, Safiya Raja

Design Editors: Michael Lau Hing Yim, Sarah Bardell, Moneeka Thakur, Aunanna Hossain, Maliha Sajjad

Treasurer: Nicole Brownfield

PR Enquiries

Want to feature on our website, or maybe you are longing to advertise with us, and reach a student audience of thousands? Then get in touch with our fabulous PR & Marketing and Social Media/Online team!

PR/Marketing and Social Media:

Team: Naseha Yasmin, Ruchika Naidu, Vaneet Kaur Sandhu, Ali Bahcaci