Inside Our Skincare Routines

I spend a lot of time writing about makeup and skincare. I share many of the products I have used and recommend for certain looks and skincare needs. I am […]

Invest in Skin Oils

It’s understandable if you are thrown off by skin oils. You’re probably thinking what more can you add to your skincare routine? Isn’t washing your face and moisturising enough? Well, […]

Effortless Hair Accessories

It gets a little boring to always have your hair down, or in the same ponytail, or even in the same tight bun in black and brown plastic hair claws. […]

Frivolity, Futility and Fast Fashion

Even if you do not care about fashion, it is still important, because what you wear says something about you. Fashion is a major part of our culture, and there […]

Hey, I Put Some New Boots On

I am here to help you search for a new pair of boots to start off the new year with the right pair of shoes. As the great Rickey Thompson […]

SAG Awards 2020: Who Wore What?

The SAG Awards is a showdown between the best in film and television, but this year’s red carpet was a showdown between the best of the ruffled gowns, here are […]

Colour is the New Black

There is always room for creativity in my make-up routine. I have been learning how to change up my winged liner. Now, I am trying to acquire every colour and […]

Golden Globes 2020: Who Wore What?

The Golden Globes were held earlier this month, celebrating the best in film and television with winners including the war film 1917 and the HBO drama Succession. The red carpet […]

Scrubs for Exfoliator Enthusiasts

If you don’t have a body exfoliator in your weekly routine, you need to find one immediately, since it’s one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine that […]