The Hottest Highlighters

With so many highlighting products on the market, it’s hard to choose which one to buy, but luckily for you I have tried so many of them that I have a list of favourites that is hard to beat. I have got some liquid, powder, gel and cream highlighters that anyone could fall in love with. You have some with glitter, some with soft pearls to illuminate your cheeks and some that work brilliantly on their own. You will definitely find the hottest highlighter you need in your make-up drawers right now.

Glossier: Niteshine (£17.00) 

This is a highlighting concentrate that will leave you with a foil-like finish. It has a refined pearl powder formula that makes it buildable and long-lasting. The product layers really well over make-up and there are four shades to choose from. You can control the amount of flow you want through the application with its precise doe-foot applicator. Pick this up for a seamless blend of highlight on your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and eyelids. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Liquid Frost Highlighter (£23.00) 

This is a metallic liquid highlighter. It has an innovative, highly-concentrated formula, that will give you an effortlessly luminous glow. The product can be worn on its own, or you can add it to your favourite skincare products, and you will be left with a radiant and glittery finish. You will love this highlighter if you want to have the sun shining on you throughout the entire day without looking greasy or sweaty. 

MAC: Strobe Cream (£25.00) 

This is for those who want a liquid highlighter that isn’t intensely concentrated in pigment. It is a fantastic quick fix for your skin. The product has these intense botanicals that will moisten and freshen your skin. You will love this product when you want to transform your skin when it’s looking tired, flat or dull thanks to the green tea and vitamins in the formula.

Fenty Beauty: Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo (£28.00) 

I am obsessed with Fenty Beauty highlighters but their powder highlights are truly worth all the hype, especially the duo options. You are afforded with a creamy texture, because no one likes a dry powder highlighter, and it leaves you with a really reflective and foil-like finish. These highlighters are rich in pigments and luminosity that are brilliant for so many skin tones. There are so many options, you won’t find yourself picking up the wrong one. 

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Patrick Ta: Major Glow Highlighting Mist (£28.00) 

I need to pick up another one of these cans. If there is one person I would go to about glow, it’s Patrick Ta, he is behind some of the most iconic dewy and radiant make-up looks in the industry. This is an ultra lightweight formula that holds fine and iridescent pearls to create a multi-faceted and reflective finish. You can choose from three shades, the best one out of the bunch is We Love Her, because that rosy tint will make you look like a radiant romantic. 

Charlotte Tilbury: Beauty Light Wand (£29.00) 

I love Charlotte Tilbury’s highlighting products, especially the Beauty Light Wand, as it gives you a classic diva highlight. It works so well in giving you a soft-focused glow. The cushion applicator is fantastic and dispenses evenly on your cheekbones. It’s super easy to use and blend. The gel formula enhances your skin’s luminosity for a highly glossy highlight. 

NARS: Light Sculpting Highlighting Powder (£29.00) 

I sometimes need a highlighter that is less glitter heavy and is more focused on giving a simple glow. This highlighter will give a seamless and natural glow thank to the formulas blend of sheer powders and pearls to create a luminous powder. It’s seriously soft, seriously refined and seriously great at accentuating the high points of your face with the buildable and dewy finish of this product.

BECCA: Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter (£30.00) 

There aren’t many powder highlighters that I love, but this is one creamy powder. It will illuminate your skin in the best ways possible. These highlighters have rich pigments, provide soft hues and have weightless coverage that will help you achieve an airbrushed effect. This powder is about natural illumination and it works really well with other make-up products. 

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Marc Jacobs Beauty: Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter (£33.00) 

I love how this gel highlighter gives you an instant glow. It’s a lightweight and coconut-infused gel highlighter that can be applied to your skin directly or be mixed into your foundation or primer for a universally flattering glow. This product is all about the coconut. The coconut alkanes help give a long-lasting wear, coconut milk helps to hydrate and the coconut water provides refreshing electrolytes. 

Dior: Diorskin Nude Luminizer (£35.00) 

This is another excellent powder highlighter. It will light up your complexion with an iridescent sheen that will give your face a multidimensional glow. I love the high concentration of shimmering pigments that will sculpt your cheekbones and collarbones. You will have beautiful looking skin with the stroke of a brush.  

Hourglass: Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder (£35.00) 

There are few highlighters that will stop you from looking super shiny, sweaty or oily. This one is your best bet for a highlighter that will have you looking radiant. It will illuminate and sculpt your face, offering dimensions and depth, without looking like you have been sweating the entire day. It will look like you have been touched by soft light, not harsh beams, so you will be left with a soft and radiant complexion. 

Bobbi Brown: Highlighting Powder (£36.00) 

This is a cult-classic highlighting powder, with its light-reflective powder and shimmering pigments. This is ideal for that great strobing effect. I love the reflective pearl pigments in this formula that will give you a radiant and flattering glow. It applies so smoothly and evenly, nor does it settle into your fine lines. 

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I hope you enjoy the glow ups with these seriously hot highlighters!

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