Five Things K-Dramas Do Not Teach You About Life in Seoul

Wandering Seoul Column: Prepare to immerse yourself into the historically beautiful, technologically advanced and remarkable culture of South Korea. CUB Magazine’s column ‘Wandering Seoul’, written by Ruby Punt, aims to […]

From Pizzas to Potato Fries: The Inca Origins of Modern Food

The Peculiar Past Column: Ever sat down to a succulent meal, let’s say Pizza, and wondered where the ruby red tomatoes adorning your meal came from? How about those potato […]

Joseph Merrick: A Skeleton in the University Cupboard

Most of Joseph Merrick’s life sucked. In this he is not alone – life expectancy at his birth, in 1862, was around 40, and his brother died of scarlet fever […]

A Very Victorian Museum

  “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”   […]

The lessons I learned from my first trip to a Korean Spa

Anyone who has ever visited a South Korean bathhouse can tell you that these are very different from your usual spas. For a start, everyone is naked! Try not to […]

We were on a BREAK – The greatest Friends dilemma

Ladies, let’s discuss this epic two decade old debate.   Were Rachel and Ross, in fact, on a break?   What does ‘break’ even mean?   Was what Ross did […]

Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty Made Achievable, But at What Cost?

My first encounter with a cosmetic surgery clinic occurred whilst strolling through a mall in Gangnam. I was on my way up to the cinema when I stumbled past a […]

Lets Talk Girl Talk

There are some things that women and girls cannot talk about in public and in society today, it is referred to as “girl talk”. I did a quick search on […]

Arrival in Seoul

I have always been an organised person. Whether it’s crafting the perfect to-do list or preparing my monthly meal plan, I have spent hours agonising over every detail. Considering this, […]