The RSPCA: Your Animal Cruelty Assurance and Guarantee

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Are you interested in the future of animal rights, environmentalism and the politics of veganism? Whether you’re looking for the best plant-based milk or your local animal rights activist group, this column has you covered. Join me, as I unpack the philosophy of veganism, from wholefood cooking to the politics of the animal liberation movement. 

 “Animals run no risk of going to hell. They are already there.” — Victor Hugo

In the UK alone, around 900 million animals are reared for slaughter each year. Every single one of these sentient beings is born to die. Right now, at this exact moment, in a facility behind doors closed to wandering eyes, one day year old male chicks are being blended up, alive, in large high-speed grinders, pigs are being gassed alive in gas chambers and new born male calves are being bolt gunned in the head, simply for the fact they are male and unprofitable. This is the reality of your quarter pounder, the milk in your tea and Sunday fry up. Do you want to know something worse? These practices are legal and meet the set ‘high welfare’ standards. By whom, you ask? Well, it’s your favourite animal charity, of course! The beloved, RSPCA! 


‘What? The RSPCA protects and rescues animals, right?’

Not quite. Each year, via the practices described above, the RSPCA approves and endorses the slaughter of millions of animals. From pregnant mothers to baby calves, the RSPCA has official guidelines and policies for the slaughter of a whole host of farm animals. The RSPCA is a charity built on lies, manipulation and blatant hypocrisy. As the consumer, you are being deceived. The RSPCA is a propaganda machine. They pump out lies and deceitful claims, to ease our guilt about the animals we consume. The use of terms such as ‘high welfare’ and ‘RSPCA Assured’ are pure examples of this. These terms are nothing but marketing strategies, plain and simple. Question this, should the term ‘high welfare’ be used in conjunction with term slaughter? I think not.

To put it frankly, the RSPCA is not interested in the prevention of cruelty to animals, but the promotion of it. 

Before I move on, let’s process this for a moment. The RSPCA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, whose manifesto is to ‘prevent cruelty, promote kindness …. [and] alleviate suffering of animals’ actually endorses the slaughter of millions of animals each year, via gas chambers, bolt guns and high-speed grinders. Yes, that’s exactly right. Sorry to burst your bubble folks. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS AND HYPOCRISY?


‘High Welfare’ Policies

From pigs to cows, the RSPCA has official slaughtering policies on every farm animal. If you want to find out more, click here.

Here’s a taster, on the treatment of slaughter of PREGNANT COWS:

‘Any foetus in the last third of gestation (i.e. the dam is ≥27 weeks pregnant), or suspected of being in the last third of gestation, must not be removed from the maternal carcase … (until)  the dam is dead in order to ENSURE THAT THE FOETUS DOES NOT GASP and START TO BREATHE AIR’

‘If, for any reason, a foetus is found to be showing signs of life upon removal from the uterus (i.e. a foetus that has gasped and is now conscious), IT MUST BE IMMEDIATELY KILLED with an APPROPRIATE CAPTIVE BOLT or by a BLOW TO THE HEAD with a SUITABLE BLUNT INSTRUMENT’

For the official document, click here, p54.

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‘RSPCA approved’ Farms

In addition to approving and overseeing the rearing and slaughter of farm animals, the RSPCA oversees farms, known as ‘RSPCA assured’ farms. These establishments are just as preposterous and hypocritical as their policies on the slaughter of animals.

In January, Direct Action Everywhere Brighton (DxE) stormed Hoads Farm in East Sussex to find thousands of hens being kept in squalid and cramped conditions, which breached RSPCA policies. Inside, activists found hundreds of injured hens and dead hen corpses. The farm was ‘RSPCA Assured’ and free range. Eggs sold from here were stocked in all major UK supermarkets, including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons. The RSPCA suspended Hoads Farm ‘high welfare’ status and undertook an investigation into the farm.  

This begs the question, If Dxe hadn’t stormed Hoads Farm on that day, who would have exposed these conditions and circulated the footage to the public? Think about it, How many ‘RSPCA approved’ farms are out there? How many of them look exactly the same as Hoads Farm? The ‘RSPCA assurance’ label feeds ignorance. We remain none the wiser whilst animals continue to needlessly suffer. 

As of 25th February 2020, Hoads Farm has regained its ‘RSPCA assured’ membership. How many more animals will have to suffer again? The RSPCA does not care about the ‘high welfare’ treatment of sentient beings, but the profitability of animals.

Find DxE’s video here:

Instagram @dxe_brighton                                    Instagram @dxe_brighton


Esteemed novelist and critic, George Orwell, once stated, ‘In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’. Currently, I can’t think of any other present or more pressing issue, where this statement rings so true. We have a duty to expose the RSCPA and stand up for the voiceless. As an organisation, the RSPCA are an archetype of selective compassion and blatant hypocrisy. If you bark or meow, the RSPCA will try to rehome you and prevent euthanisation, where possible. If you’re a farm animal, you will face the gas chamber, the bolt gun or the high-speed grinder, at the very hands of those who claim to be protecting you.  Hence, I’ll leave you with one question: Who are the real animal abusers?

CUB’s Lucy Sproat is a QM historian, ecofeminist and animal rights activist who campaigns for the liberation of all sentient beings. Inspired by The Smiths ‘Meat is Murder’, Lucy gave up meat at sixteen and transitioned to a fully vegan diet and lifestyle two years ago. In her spare time, she enjoys playing drums, collecting vintage garms and writing poetry.

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