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The Paradox of the Planned Encore

“PLANNED ENCORES CAN F@CK OFF” Decries Lord and Saviour, Fin H.B. In Another Rant, Of All Things.   Oh boy, I can’t wait for this band I paid a load […]

Fin H.B. Comes Down on The Stifled Indie Scene (and reviews a couple Indie bands)

You’ve been out, it’s cold and dark, and you’re walking home for the evening. You approach a pub. As you near, blue light shines from the grimy windows and a […]

Break The Chain – Festival Recap & Artist Spotlights

On 28th September, The House of St Barnabus played host to Break the Chain Festival, raising money to help combat homelessness in London. The event brought 12 distinct bands together […]

The Cosmics Go Intergalactic – Gig Review by Fin H.B.

The Cosmics – Their name isn’t the only thing about them that’s out of this world. On the 20th of September, I had the immense pleasure of seeing The Cosmics […]