QUARAN-TUNES! (sorry for the pun, this is very serious)

Five new(ish) tracks to slightly improve your isolation experience, and help me procrastinate writing essays.

No matter what you believe, there are only so many times you can listen to The Killers’ ‘Hot Fuss’ at full volume before you go insane and start thinking that maybe Mr Brightside isn’t actually one of the biggest indie tunes ever dropped upon this fair earth. Fortunately for you, dear reader, I am here to help. Let your eyes look on, your ears quiver with anticipation for this passage shall lead you to new and exciting musical delights to break up that repetition and earn you redemption. Or at least make you go ‘huh, Finlay really has no clue what good music is’.

Note to all writers, can we stop being self-deprecating please? The people are losing faith! – Editor.

Sorry – More


Sorry’s debut album 925 isn’t really my kind of thing, I’ll be honest. They sort of sound like I imagine less exciting Wolf Alice would. Despite that, More has made it onto my playlists, and should find its way to yours too. It has a drive and inevitable relentlessness that propels it onwards through easily memorable lyrics that you’ll catch yourself humming at random intervals. There’s just a touch of discomfort, and I love it.






Ali Barter – Four Days

I know this looks like me taking a selfie with my mum, but it’s actually the cover for the song.



Let’s get topical. Aussies Ali Barter and Oscar Dawson were challenged by Triple J to record a song in 24 hours based on listener suggestions. The outcome is magnificent. Lo-fi drum machine beats, simple bass, and Ali’s fantastic vocal come together for what must be The indie-pop hit of Covid-19. I don’t want to spoil any lyrical surprises, so go listen. Now.







Lil Halima – Glue



This is quite off brand for me, I know, but we’ll get back to the rock in a minute. This sounds like so many songs. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any of their names. It is driving me crazy. When I get past that, though, this is a bop (am I using that right? There are so many terms now). The chorus is simply incredible. Squelchy bass and simple beats are always a winner. Add in the super catchy lyrics and generally chill vibe, and you have a perfect summer hit. While the verses are less my thing, the almost choral keys amp up the feel to just above average pop. This doesn’t feel like I’ve made sense, but here we are. Just listen to it, yeah?




PINS – Ponytail




Imagine if Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair was actually good. I know it may be hard, but try. Fat, filthy bass over clean, sharp beats, vaguely sci-fi synths, and copious ponytail whipping. It’s a stompy monster, the sort you’d play at pres before the squad rolls out in a slow-mo, cinematic city-travel montage. As if you need any more convincing, Iggy Pop is such a fan that he has collaborated with PINS multiple times. If they’re good enough for Iggy, they’re good enough for me.




Hayley Mary – Like A Woman Should



That. Vocal. It soars on glorious wings of retro indie magic. Honestly, take everything else away and the spirit of this track would remain. Fortunately, we do get instrumentation. Echoey guitar licks are reminiscent of Blossoms’ There’s A Reason Why, the lyrics are sentimental with vivid, enchanting imagery, and the energetic rhythm makes this 2020 single a mid 2000s hit. It ought to be on all your indie playlists.





That’s all for now folks!

Stay safe, stay in, and stay vibing. If you have any suggestions for me or want to complain about how much I go on about chill beats and fat bass, leave a comment below. It’s the closest to socialising you’re legally allowed right now after all. Especially if you can remind me what the chorus in Glue reminds me of. I need to know.

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