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There’s Something Musical: The Effect of Music on Photography

I started photography six years ago. I stumbled upon it one afternoon as I recovered from a high fever that kept me from going to school that day. I was […]

“It’s About Time You Entered The Bear’s Den” Says Guest-Author Joshua Fraser

It’s the 6th of December 2019. It has been a hard day, but all that weariness, stress and disorder is swept away; Bear’s Den have released their new extended play […]

The art and fun of open mic night

Why you should go to an open mic night? Open mic is open to anyone who has the confidence and bravery to get up on stage. This intimate space can […]

I Can Never Die, I’m Chuck Norris

FUCK THE GOVERNMENT AND FUCK BORIS Editor’s Note – We here at the CUB Magazine Music Section welcome any and all ideologies, except fascism and those which are just fascism in […]

Everyone Calm Down, Pop is Still Good.

It’s the late 80’s. Whitney just released I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Madonna has shook the world with Like A Virgin. Wham! are at their prime. Freddie Mercury is still […]

November Favourites

The Style & Beauty Team here at CUB finish another hectic month with the release of the first issue of the year and preparing for the upcoming one. What does […]


There are no bands I know of that I would rather have seen on Halloween than Honeyblood. Few groups match their unceasing focus on the darker side of things. Present […]

Melodic Lady-Grunge 3-Piece ‘Projector’ Rile Up a Bunch of Wrongens @ Paper Dress Vintage

First five minutes of Legss convinces me they’re pretentious wankers. Coming on and playing about five notes before monologuing over a pre-recorded track is hardly the most endearing way to […]

The Paradox of the Planned Encore

“PLANNED ENCORES CAN F@CK OFF” Decries Lord and Saviour, Fin H.B. In Another Rant, Of All Things.   Oh boy, I can’t wait for this band I paid a load […]