A Blush Battle

Add a little bit of colour to your cheeks with blush and it will completely transform your complexion. Blush can give you a more youthful and fresh complexion and it’s one of the easiest products to apply in the routine. You can add it to your temples, below the apples of your cheeks up to the brow bone and your nose. Just apply and blend wherever you want so you can achieve a brighter and healthier appearance with little effort. I have brought together the best blush, blusher and rouge formulas I have tried out. Let’s take a look!

NARS: Blush (£25.00)

Recommended Shade: Orgasm

This is probably the most iconic and best-selling blush on the market. It delivers a brilliant healthy-looking colour that brightens your complexion and gives you that natural-looking flush that you have been searching for. The blush by NARS is a silky and superfine micronised powder pigment that gives awesome payoff in these matte and shimmering shades. Orgasm is perfect for any beginner wanting to try out blush with its peachy pink colour and golden shimmer working to brighten your cheeks for hours. 

Burberry: Light Glow (£29.00)

Recommended Shade: Peony Blush, No. 4

Another wonderful blush to enhance your cheeks and boost your complexion is this lightweight powder blush which will leave you looking radiant. It’s quite the fine powder, is super bendable and is really buildable making it great for even beginners to try out. I recommend Peony Blush as it is a more muted and lavender-like pink. 

Perricone MD: No Blush Blush (£29.00)

Recommended Shade: N/A

The No Blush Blush will give you a healthy perfusion of colour instantly. It will also help accentuate the look of prominent cheeks. The formula includes SPF 30 and the product also adapts to your individual skin chemistry. This way you can have better control of the product and the youthful flush of colour you’re adding to your face. You need to shake the product well to disperse the minerals and pigments, apply three dots onto the apples of both cheeks, and with your fingertips you should press and blend the product into your skin using a lifting motion until you achieve your desired look.

Glossier: Cloud Paint (£15.00)

Recommended Shade: Storm

Cloud Paint is a seamless and buildable gel-cream blush, it’s easy to wear and really fun to try out different looks with, especially with the diverse range of staple shades available. The formula is lightweight and pillowy, you will get an instant blend within a few touches, leaving you with a natural flushed glow. All you have to do is dab this product onto your cheeks, or wherever else you would like, and gently tap it into your skin. I recommend Storm as this formula is brilliant for warm rose blushes and is something different to try out. 

Charlotte Tilbury: Beauty Light Wand (£29.00)

Recommended Shade: Pinkgasm

The Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm is a hybrid between a highlighter and a blush. It still adds this beautiful touch of rosy pink colour to your cheeks and will leave them looking dewy too. It is super easy to apply with the soft cushion pad that dispenses the product evenly onto your cheekbones. The gel formula helps enhance the skin’s luminosity for a high gloss highlight, while the velvety silica has soft-focusing powers, and the sensorial pool gives your cheeks a silk soft feel. 

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Fenty Beauty: Match Stix Shimmer Skinsitck (£21.00)

Recommended Shade: Chili Mango

A simple magnetised makeup stick that will give you long-lasting colour in the form of a highlighter or blush depending on how you want to use the product. The Chili Mango colour will give this wonderful low-key tangerine sheen. It’s lightweight, easy to blend and will have you looking like you have gotten a healthy dose of the sun. 

Chantecaille: Cheek Gelée (£39.00)

Recommended Shade: Happy

Another great gel-cream blush is Chantecaille’s Cheek Gelée. It gives you that hint of colour on the apples of your cheeks and is a blush designed to work as both skincare and makeup. This blush is so bendable, easy to use and gives you the same long-lasting results of a cheek stain. It’s a vibrant blush that will brighten your face and leave you looking refreshingly flushed. 

Milani: Baked Blush (£10.95)

Recommended Shade: Dolce Pink

A gorgeous pigment packed powder blush that will leave you a healthy sheen of colour, you will be the queen or king of luminosity, and it’s so simple to apply. Just brush on some of this product onto the apples of the cheeks and let the sheer wash of colour give that enviable and naturally flushed complexion. This is a brilliant blush to pick up if you want a good blush for an affordable price point.

Patrick Ta: Velvet Blush (£28.00)

Recommended Shade: She’s Passionate

If there is anyone I trust to make an awesome blush product, it’s Patrick Ta, he can sculpt the most beautiful cheeks in that effortless way he does for his celebrity clientele. His launch, Monochrome Moment, includes four different blushes and are great staple products to add to your make-up collection. These blushes have a fabulous creamy texture that is so easy to blend into your skin. The formula includes biomimetic pigments, this mimics your skin’s ceramics structure, in turn you’ll be left with a long-lasting and natural finish. She’s Passionate is a beautiful peach pink that will give you seamlessly perfect cheeks.

Tom Ford: Cheek Colour (£50.00)

Recommended Shade: Ravish

Tom Ford knows how to make a wonderfully rich product, this powder blush is buildable and velvety, it’ll glide onto your skin as if it were cream. This brilliant powder blush is formulated with spherical pearls and rich emollients that glide onto your skin. These shades are buildable, versatile and give you a sexy glow or a more dramatic look depending on how much you build. 

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Laura Mercier: Blush Colour Infusion (£24.00)

Recommended Shade: Grapefruit

The Blush Colour Infusion is a micro-fine powder that will instantly enliven your complexion through the buttery matte and sheen blushes. This formula allows you to build up from a sheer wash of colour to an intense statement flush. There are a variety of shades to choose from for your skin tone or preferred colour for your overall makeup look. I am recommending Grapefruit for its bright wash of colour and its sheen finish. 

Chanel: Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick (£35.00)

Recommended Shade: N°23

The Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick is great, particularly for its luminous velvet finish, and it’ll leave you with sculpted and enhanced cheeks. This is a product that gives you a healthy glow in a tube, just by adding a touch of colour to your cheekbones. The blush gives a second-skin texture with a light and powdery finish. You can apply the product directly to your cheek bones and then blend it in with your fingertips using circular motions. Or, you can do what I do, and that is either take the brush to the product or place some on the back of your hand and pick up the product with a brush from there. 

Milk Makeup: Lip + Cheek (£20.50)

Recommended Shade: Quickie

You need a blush to quickly put on as you’re rushing through your makeup routine, then this is the blush for you, thanks to this multi-tasking product. It’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. You can glide on these colours seamlessly and they diffuse easily for those in a rush. The formula contains avocado oil, mango butter and peach nectar, this product is about hydrating your skin and leaving you with a healthy dewy sheen on your cheeks, too. Quickie is a gorgeous berry shade definitely worth trying out if you have a darker skin tone or want to add more drama to your look with minimal effort. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Blush Trio (£30.00)

Recommended Shade: Berry Adore

These blushes come in sets of three and that’s hard to resist for that price point. With three full pigment blushes that give you buildable intensity, and a seamless finish, you’d be a fool to pass up on this blush product. You’ll find your way to sculpted and radiant cheeks in no time. Berry Adore is one of my favourites for drama that I can work up to or a quick fix of colour to put on before I walk out of the door. 

Clarins: Joli Blush (£27.00)

Recommended Shade: Cheeky Peach, 7

These colours will give you a noticeable flush because this is a highly pigmented powder blush formula. It’s super lightweight, is non-drying thanks to the hazelnut oil ingredient, and it comes in a really cute compact. 

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Always remember to dab the product onto the apples of your cheeks, blend and radiate in all the ways you should!

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