London Fashion Week Fall 2020

instagram: @mollygoddard

Goddard showcased her signature billowing tulle skirts, reminiscent of her childhood wardrobe. The whole show had a youthful atmosphere to it with its playful looks. Party appropriate dresses paired with brightly coloured jumpers almost felt like a child had dressed the models up in a mixture of their mum’s wardrobe and costumes from their dress-up box.

instagram: @ashleywilliamslondon

Another playful designer, Ashley Williams known for her cutesy, humorous and quirky designs. The design above shows this perfectly, incorporated all into a sheer dress which thus also acts as a sexy and elegant piece. Williams’ pieces are perfect for the youthful fun party goer, someone who wants to take themselves not too seriously.

instagram: @simonerocha_

Rocha looked to life on the Aran islands as inspiration, clearly seeping through in coastal aesthetics in the collection. Delicately created accessories with pearl encrusted headbands as pictured above are an example, a continuation of a favourite trend from previous seasons. Yet, Rocha’s beautiful delicacies always have a hidden sadness to them. Rocha’s inspiration was also J.M Synge’s play about the island, called Riders to the Sea, in which a mother shows resilience in wake of the tragedy of her sons and husband drowning. The collection showed the typical Rocha elegant layering of pieces in what would usually appear to be mismatched but instead play to Rocha’s sorrowful inspiration, the idea of something overwhelming and wrong creating something intimate and beautiful.

instagram: @emiliawickstead

Wickstead’s typical old English style was seen again this collection with numerous billowing corseted dresses, especially in the two brocade dresses pictured above. Yet, these pieces had a twist to them, something perhaps unexpected, a merging of modern and traditional. Wickstead plays with shape and cut in these pieces to create elegant drama by incorporating more contemporary shaping and outline into old dress designs.


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