Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

instagram: @msgm

MSGM’s collection was themed ‘witch school’, a theme which vividly provided.  School girl chic with frills, collars, ankle socks and Mary Janes all packaged into edgy exaggeration and bright sparkly colours.

instagram: @ports1961

Tailoring was showcased to impeccable standards in Ports 1961’s collection. The collection was all about the classic, smart woman, the type you would see walking down the street. Yet, all the looks had a little twist that took it above the plain, smart tailoring. An altering of the usual fitted shape and a square toe boot is the example in the look above, elevating it from the pedestrian to the high fashion.

instagram: @gucci

Gucci was all about the quaint innocence, its inspiration was the ‘perfection’ seen in young girls’ school uniforms. Delicate lace collars, adorable frocks and cutesy pinafores. As usual Gucci showcased its clothes on unconventionally beautiful models, the perfect contrast for a sickly sweet collection.

instagram: @moncler

60s flower power met the space age in a 2001: A Space Odyssey themed room for Richard Quinn’s collaboration with Moncler. He wanted to showcase the transition from the past into the future, all tied up in luxurious avant garde looks, typical of Quinn.

instagram: @vivetta

Vivetta explored nature and sustainability with a collection filled with flowers and trees. Vivetta’s hometown, Assisi is also the hometown of the patron of animals and the environment and thus the designer has always been passionate about an ecological cause. The sweet and youthful looks created an atmosphere innocence and intimacy, highlighting the vulnerability and beauty of nature.

instagram: @moschino

Moschino’s collection was an obvious reference to Marie Antoinette in its fun playfulness of the “let them eat cake” ballooning, corseted dresses (designer Jeremy Scott instead said “let them eat Moschino”). Scott discussed the turmoil in the world, with events such as the Hong Kong protests and Brexit, in reference to this collection linking it to the atmosphere of the French Revolution. Scott modernised the looks, creating an almost radicalised version of the traditional elite with its short skirts and playful campness. Scott’s collection would have been a perfect contender in this year’s, unfortunately now non-existent, Met Gala of the theme ‘About Time’. Scott’s looks perfectly play to one of the theme’s key inspirations, the film Orlando, as well as the idea of manipulating fashion history through his modernisation of the past.

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