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There are so many options to choose from when it comes to brow products. You can choose from powders, pomades, gels, waxes, pencils and pens. I have had many brow shapes and have had to learn to groom them in different ways. These products have been with me through the thin and the thick, literally, and I know which ones are effective when it comes to helping you achieve the perfect arch. 

Glossier: Boy Brow (£14.00) 

This is the best brow product I have encountered in the many years since I began the meticulous journey of grooming my eyebrows. It is a grooming pomade, with a crushable and creamy wax that thickens, shapes and grooms your brows into the place the way you desire it. It contains oleic acid, lecithin and atelocollagen to help condition and moisturise your brows. This is a simple product to use when you quickly and effortlessly want those fluffy and instantly groomed brows. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Definer (£24.00) 

It’s the triangular ‘nib’ that makes this such a great product. It can help create ‘hairs’, fill in the gaps to enhance your eyebrows and have control over the product you put on. This an excellent product for those of you who have bushier eyebrows and need to fill in those sparse areas with a few flicks of a pencil. After you have put the product on, brush through it with the spoolie on the other end, this way the product will distribute evenly and soften those any lines that were too harsh. 

Benefit: 3D Browtones Instant Colour Highlights (£22.50) 

This brow product has a more sheer consistency, but when it comes to brows that’s kind of great, because you want to be able to build on top of what you have already put down. What is also awesome about this product is that you can get it in colourful shades too, so you can still get easy and instant brows even if you have changed your brow colour. It’s water-resistant, but it is still very easy to remove, it is definitely worth giving this one a try. 

Hourglass: Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil (£31.00) 

You can create natural-looking brows with this brow pencil, since it gives you the benefits of wax, powder and pencil. When you use the flat edge of the tip you can create broad strokes. When you use the pointed tip you can create fine lines. This is an amazing pencil to use when you need to sculpt your brows and there are many shades to choose from that suit all skin and hair colours. Don’t forget to press gently with this one, you want your brows to look natural, not like smudge marks swiped across your forehead. 

Glossier: Brow Flick (£15.00) 

This is a brush-tip detailing pen that helps define the brows through filling them in. It’s smudge resistant, sheer and gives opportunity for buildable coverage, so you won’t find yourself with slugs for eyebrows. It’s brilliant for the arch of the brow, extending the tail of  the brow and adding depth to the sparse areas of your brow. You can create featherlight strokes, that make your brows look naturally bushy, thanks to how the brush tip has been constructed. 

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Stila: All Day Waterproof Brow Colour (£17.00) 

You can create beautiful brows with this brow pen which has a long-lasting performance. The brush tip makes it really easy and quick to apply. You can create hair-like strokes with this pen and produce naturally defined and fuller-looking eyebrows with this pen. This formula does not smudge, transfer or run, either. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow Pomade (£19.00) 

It’s hard to decide which pomade is the best, but this product is the best on the market, because it is easy to use and is long-lasting. After applying this pomade, you will have the best waterproof and smudge-proof brows in the game. The gel-mousse consistency is perfect in adhering to all the individual hairs on your brows, making this one budge-resistant eyebrow pomade. You can’t find a better hassle-free and long-wearing pomade on the market than this one. 

Dior: Sourcils Poudre (£22.00) 

The Sourcils Poudre will leave you with a long-wearing powder texture for your brows. Find your way to fuller and more defined brows using this pencil. The definition of wax is also in this pencil which helps give you that denser shape for your brow line and gives you a naturally structured effect. This is one of the best products I used for when I had very thin brows, I am talking 90s style thin, to the point I was missing half an eyebrow. Check this one out if you have thinner brows. 

West Barn Co.: Soap Brows Kit (£12.00) 

A classic brow grooming kit, if you want to upgrade from your bar of soap and spoolie, then try out the Soap Brows Kit. It was developed to help groom the brow, make it fuller looking and give you amazing natural brows. The Soap Brows Kit will give an instant thickening effect. It also has extra hold for those who need their brows in place all day long. 

Iconic London: Brow Silk (£20.00) 

A great product to achieve fluffy and feathery brows. The formula is inspired by the old trick of using soap to set your brows into place. You can use this product on all hair colours. It takes the best parts of other brow soaps, making a wax and gel formula, giving you conditioned brows. Your brows will be given an instant lift and hold with this one. There is no chalky residue or crunchiness once this brow product dries. 

Benefit: Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel (£22.50) 

This product is slightly different to the other Benefit brow product I recommended earlier. If you want a different formula, then this might appeal to you more, because it is an eyebrow gel that contains small microfibres that adhere to your skin and hairs. This will leave you with natural-looking brows with all the definition and fullness a person could ask for. You should pick up this product if you want to simultaneously volumise, tame and tint your brows. 

Chanel: Le Gel Sourcils (£26.00) 

You can quickly tame your brows with the Le Gel Sourcils from Chanel. It is an eyebrow gel that instantly thickens, grooms and sets your eyebrows. This is a fabulous gel formula that helps fill your natural brows with its fibres and gives your brows a natural hold. Remember to keep pushing upwards and you will fall in love in with the end result. 

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Remember that no set of eyebrows are the same. We all prefer different formulas and need different products to address various needs. On a final note, just remember that less is always more, start out slow and build your way to your best set of eyebrows. 

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