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Let people enjoy Love Island in peace

After a few weeks of my friends and I complaining about how boring this years’ Love Island has been so far, the reality TV angels seemed to have finally answered our […]

The Art of Reality

Television has one of the largest outreaches across all artistic platforms. Few houses are without a television set, and many homes have several – not solely in the living room, […]

Citizen Trump

I woke up on Wednesday, like most of the Western world, with a dizzying sense of horror. Donald Trump was President-elect. The liberal worst nightmare, manifested as an orange reality […]

Say OK to Being a Princess For a Day

Some people say that to be feminist means to reject all social conventions typically ascribed to being feminine. You reject all that being a female entails and instead take on […]

Gilby’s Guidance #6

Meta-Reality. The seemingly never spinning roundabout of launches and finales that is Big Brother has managed to catch my eye with a celebrity shaped sign post. I’m in two minds […]