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TV Series Review: You presents a millennial’s worst dating nightmare in the best Netflix series of 2018

This review contains spoilers.  In celebration of an upcoming season two, let’s take a moment to look back at a show that’s truly binge-worthy: You. The Netflix adaptation of the […]

Blood Red Shoes Play an Explosive Set @ Islington Assembly Hall

A cool venue always makes gigs better. Coldplay are rubbish but were slightly less so when I was in a field with one hundred thousand people wearing flashy single-use wristbands […]

Everyone Calm Down, Pop is Still Good.

It’s the late 80’s. Whitney just released I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Madonna has shook the world with Like A Virgin. Wham! are at their prime. Freddie Mercury is still […]

Film Review: The King

Netflix’s The King is inspired by William Shakespeare’s famous group of history plays the Henriad. Directed by David Michôd, it stars Timothée Chalamet and Robert Pattinson. While the former sports […]

Dj Duo CamelPhat Appear to Lead a Cult @ O2 Academy Brixton

Disclaimer: This review has been collaboratively written using an innovative new journalistic technique. Basically, the bits we wrote have our names above. Not so hard is it? Milo: The night […]

Melodic Lady-Grunge 3-Piece ‘Projector’ Rile Up a Bunch of Wrongens @ Paper Dress Vintage

First five minutes of Legss convinces me they’re pretentious wankers. Coming on and playing about five notes before monologuing over a pre-recorded track is hardly the most endearing way to […]

Film Review: Doctor Sleep

If you’re a film fan, then you probably know about The Shining, one of the best horror movies ever made. You probably also know that it was based on a […]

Terminator: Dark Fate Review

Terminator is one of the best examples of a franchise that really should have stayed dead. Both The Terminator and T2 were great standalone films, but Rise of the Machines […]

Paradise Found: The Incredible First Episode of “His Dark Materials.”

It’s been more than decade since The Golden Compass flopped at the box office to unsatisfactory reviews, and two decades since the publication of Northern Lights, the opener to a […]