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LIVE REVIEW: Isaac Gracie @ The Working Men’s Club, 23/05/17

★★★★ Golden curtains sheen. A red heart glows. The singer-song writer Isaac Gracie stands in front of these shimmering stage pieces, with a guitar in hand and his face hidden […]

Vicious Cycle

Once in a while, I’m struck by the realisation that I’m playing out a scenario with a boy that’s already been played out with a boy before him. That I’ve […]

Introducing: The Velvet Hands

London based band Velvet Hands have caused quite a stir in the year that they’ve been around. Self releasing their first two singles; ‘Games’ and ‘Habit’, they picked up some […]

In Conversation with: VANT

VANT are our generation’s new rock band. They’re political and unmissable – they have already been featured as one of Annie Mac’s Hottest Records. Josie interviewed lead vocalist/ guitarist Mattie […]


Beware the Beginning of Cuffing Season

What is cuffing season? It’s that time of year where it starts to get a bit chillier and the desire to be snuggly becomes almost overwhelming … and the need to be in a relationship comes […]


Single Review: Dorje – ‘Flower of Life’

Bands with their own sound in the genre of Progressive Rock/Metal are hard to come by. It’s always hopeful to hear a group of musicians who can release music that […]

Andy Holmes

2015: The Year in Music

Top 5 Singles 5. Shame – Young Fathers An awesome, catchy track with a lot of nerve, passion and emotion that gets you singing along. 4. Blacker the Berry – […]

Harper. Image: Luke Weall

Single Review: Harper ‘Feel So Hollow’

  In comparison to Harper’s previous release, Drawing Blood Blues EP, the single, ‘Feel So Hollow’ offers a markedly more downtempo and sultry listening experience. The lyrical motif of spiritual […]

Image: zoetnet.

The City & the Northern Girl #13

All the single ladies… Is it just me or does it feel as though everyone is settling down recently? Especially as you scroll down your Facebook timeline to see yet […]