Be Kinda to your Vagina- TOTM Organic review

TOTM Organic has been popping up all over my Instagram for a while and all I ever heard was good reviews, so I had to try their products out for myself!

TOTM Organic is a period product and company that has the female body and the environment as their top priority! They are for sure a taboo-breaking brand and want to promote positive out-looks on periods because why should us girls feel so insecure about something that is so normal? Periods are natural and powerful, and TOTM Organic focuses on showcasing that power through their products. They do not shy away from showing blood or the actual product on their socials which I find extremely positive, they do not try to hide what their product does but rather encourage girls to accept their bloody days! Their cotton purse even has ‘I AM PERIOD POWERFUL’ on it making it clear that they believe women are powerful beings and our periods are equally as powerful and that we should NOT shy away from what happens between our legs.


TOTM Organic is a sustainable brand, and in this day and age, we need more environmentally friendly brands! Their products are made with GOTS certified organic cotton making it insanely soft and caring to your vagina as well as being free from rayon, fragrance, dyes and chlorine bleach… meaning a much safer product for your downstairs! From using the pads myself, they are insanely comfortable with enough support… that’s one of my biggest pet peeves about pads, the feeling of being unsecure and having too much movement but TOTM Organics are extremely body hugging and comforting. As well as their biodegradable tampons, they also have their very own menstrual cup! It has been a world wide discussion on the menstrual cup, on whether it is a more successful form of period protection. To come face to face with your own blood can be scary, however for many women it is an enlightening moment of acceptance and I for one, would love to try it one day!

TOTM Organics variety is vast, from tampons to pads to liners TO the menstrual cup but they will not stop there! They want to continue to expand their period product collection which is very exciting, what will they come up with next!

If you are nervous about which product to try then the switch kit is great for trying out several different of products, for myself tampons aren’t really an option but the switch kits allows me to try them without worrying about wasting a whole pack!

Their use of colour on their packaging is also a big plus for me, usually period products are basic colours and aren’t very exciting to look out, however I think TOTM Organic is extremely eye-popping. Their products make you feel comfortable and proud to have a period, they do not shy away on a shelf but stand out. Another huge plus which I find so amazing is that they deliver to your house in a discrete way, meaning if you fear them moments of paying for pads at the till, worrying about everyone knowing that you are on your period EVEN though that is completely normal, then this delivery survive is great! A life saviour for those too anxious to buy their period products in person or for women who physically cannot leave the house.


I highly recommend trying out TOTM Organic period products and if you are unsure about which product to test then try the switch kit! Check out their socials:

Insta and Twitter: @TOTMOrganic


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