Small collection of short poems

Here is a small sample of Demi’s one-liner poems.

Butter loves dynamite
Being soft like butter is hard when everyone around you is solid as dynamite. Melt their fuse rather than let them ignite your wet areas.

I am Literature
You didn’t manage to bend my spine with your words. My edges remained unturned and my ink was never smudged. It’d take more than a false “I love you” to break this piece of literature in.

Recipe of love
For every spoonful of love I surrender to your depths, I receive a pinch of yours. I guess love is like a recipe. The measurements of what you put in are never equal to one another. Always more solids than liquids. Always moving, coming and going.

Persephone & Hades
Love once touched my soul with her blooming palms, but now not even Persephone could warm this Hades heart.

My mind is like a record player. Always spinning.

Cannot fit
I have so much you in my heart that no one else can fit. Even myself.

-Original poems by Demi Whitnell

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