How to Bullet journal

This is a guide on how to bullet journal, personally I have always been a planner and organizer. Bullet journaling has become a daily obsession; organizing my life, planning out my day, setting deadlines and just enjoying decorating a page with materials has brought me such joy that I thought it was time to help those who are yet to start their bullet journal journey!

Firstly, you need to find the right notebook. For bullet journaling I recommend you obtain an actual bullet journal because you will need the dots on the pages to help you organize your layout, however, these books can be extremely expensive so I would suggest going to Typo and getting one of their bullet journals for five pound. I personally have the teal one! The size doesn’t really matter unless you personally have a preference, I like A2 size as it can fit everything I need onto each page and is easy to carry in my bag with me on a daily basis.

Now you will need some materials before you can start. I suggest you create a collar scheme or several that you can change between, this will make the journal look more organized and aesthetically pleasing. My colour combos are a set of three greens, three pinks and three blues. I recommend buying markers for decorative pieces and titles and a standard black or blue pen for the actual content. Next you will need washi tape, again keep this with your colour scheme and grab different widths and designs, you may also wish to buy stickers or things you can glue into your journal, I personally have little silver stars that I use currently. Now you are ready to begin your layout!

The most important thing to remember when bullet journaling is that each page can be a completely different set up. Journaling is about finding what suits you best, so of course you can experiment with different timetables and routine set-ups until you find the one that works best for you!

Weekly spreads are the most common pages you will find in a bullet journal and these can vary from person to person. I personally have been using the set up of Monday to Sunday, writing from 7am to 10pm on each day and planning out my day by placing my events into the correct hours. Then I will put TOP TASKS for the day and give myself 3 things I must do by the end of the day for every day. Then at the start of the week I will put PENDING TASKS FOR THE WEEK and bullet all the tasks which are important but can take the whole week to do such as ‘finish psyche essay’ or ‘exercise daily’- bigger tasks. I found this set-up from bestdressed, a youtuber who was my inspiration for starting bullet journaling. However, from April I have trying out a new method, as I believe my tasks will be less due to the current situation, I will give myself less space to write tasks and will avoid the 7am to 10pm set-up.

Than a monthly spread is also important, allowing you to plan out big events throughout the month and manage your weeks! I personally like to create a mini calendar on the page underneath a huge title of that month, then I will write out every single day of the month on the opposite page with enough space to mark in important dates such as- essay due or gig. This allows you to then manage your month on a larger scale before micro-managing your days and weeks. I would recommend colour coding events or tasks, I have colour codes for university tasks, social events, work and relaxation time, this means when I open my bullet journal to this page I can easily see how busy I am and with what kind of tasks without necessarily reading each one.

Where does the washi tape come into play? Well personally, I enjoy lining my pages with the tape, dividing pages or underlining titles with it. It creates a border of colour which easily separates notes or makes ages easy to find. However, you can cut them into small strips to use as decoration on a smaller scale.

Here are some quick and essay pages you can create in your bullet journal:

  • Sleep tracker- track the hours of sleep you get.
  • Habit tracker- I personally tracked my tea intake because as the Brit I am, I live on tea. However, I found once I started tracking it my intake decreased which is good! You can track your social media time, every time you bite your nails or how many hours you spend watching TV.
  • Monthly favourites- track your monthly favourites to see what you may wish to buy again, this can include beauty products, foods, tv shows etc.
  • Monthly adventures- write out all the new places you have visited that month, I did this and it helped me to feel as if I was really doing things with myself and forced me to explore new places that I had put off many times before.
  • Holiday savings.
  • Holiday planner- plan out a holiday you wish to go on, include prices, different companies you could go with, reasons to why you wish to go and a timeline.
  • Books you wish to read.

Bullet journaling is not only a way to plan but a way to inspire and motivate you. By putting your wishes or desires into written form, you are more likely to do them as you have the desire and need to cross it off your list! I would recommend just picking up a journal and trying it, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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