Palettes to Kickstart Your Collection

There are too many palettes on the market to know which ones to start your collection with. I have chosen the best palettes for those looking to get some next-level neutrals to kickstart or expand their collections.

There are so many neutral tones currently on the market. You don’t want to purchase a neutral palette that has chalky texture and poor colour payoff. You still need pigments to work even though you’re looking for more neutral and natural eyeshadow colours. As there are too many types of products in the category of neutral colours, I am sticking to the palette formula, making it easier for you to navigate the busy market.

Tom Ford: Honeymoon Palette

This eyeshadow is worth the price they are asking for. These colours will give you a sophisticated smokey eye when using the darker shades or a bright dash of colours when using others together. There are four different finishes from sheer sparkle to satin and shimmer to matte. This eyeshadow quad works well on all skin colours for a really elegant everyday look.

Marc Jacobs: Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette Coconut Fantasy Collection

The Eye-Conic range is lined up with nothing but the silkiest and most blendable shadows in the industry at the moment. You don’t need to bring any brushes with you when using this palette. I forgot all of mine once and just used my fingers to pack and blend. I still ended up having an awesome and long-lasting look that looked like I put in a whole lot of effort.

Charlotte Tilbury: The Bella Sofia Palette

There are more quads that make the most wonderful looks. This is another one of those luxury eyeshadow palettes that come in a variety of colour stories, but Bella Sofia takes the crown, as it creates some of the best warm smokey eyes ever! You can get a seductive daytime look and instantly smoke it out for the evening. I recommend pairing it up with one other iconic lipsticks for a fabulous everyday look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette

These are highly pigmented and ultra-blendable neutrals. You can create your everyday neutral look and seamlessly blend additional colours into the look for the perfect evening look. There are nine matte shadows and five metallic eyeshadow finish. This is a brilliant palette to travel with thanks to the dual ended makeup brush, large mirror and travel-friendly packaging.

Fenty Beauty: Snap Shadows (True Neutrals)

These palettes hold six rich and blendable shades that come in matte and shimmer finishes. They are great to use as singles or together. This is by no means a unique colour story, but it is the perfect example of how to execute a good neutral palette, the great starter to any collection. If you combine the palettes from this collection you can get an even wider range of everyday looks.

MAC: Eyeshadow Burgundy Times 9

Think of this as the professional palette to keep in your kit at all times. The palette incorporates sparkling bronze shades, deep hues of pink and very dusky nudes. You can find the finishes of matte, satin and frost. There’s a reason this palette is so popular. It packs on the pigment and is very blendable. Anyone can use this palette confidently and easily.

Too Faced: Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow

First, this smells delicious, it’s so good you want to eat it. The formula incorporates cocoa powder and has a divine chocolate scent. This palette comes with shades of delicate pinks, smokey plums and natural browns. There are matte and shimmer formulas in this palette. You can also be assured that the pigment and colour payoff has not been compromised from all the quirks and packaging of the palette.

Urban Decay: Naked Heat Palette

My favourite Naked Palette. The palette is packed with warm brown, burnt oranges and deep red shadows. This is perfect for turning up the heat in the winter or adding a little bit of fire on a summer day. There are matte and glimmering shades. You can create a sultry look for the daytime and a smokey look for the nights. Check out this palette if you want to add some serious heat to your collection of palettes.

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