“That’s My Best Friend” – Doja and Saweetie Join Forces To Dominate the Charts With Their New Anthem

We can’t get enough of Saweetie and Doja Cat!

Saweetie is back at it again with a hot new single ‘Best Friends’ featuring Doja Cat, and these two are the duo you never knew you needed.

Multi-Platinum artist Saweetie releases the track in the lead up to her new debut album Pretty Bitch Music. In the iconic release, the song ‘Best Friend’ captures all the ideas and concepts Saweetie wishes to embrace within her music. Not only does the song speak of empowering women and uplifting each other, but it also celebrates female beauty and independence. The song details lyrics with the memorable That’s my best friend, she a real bad b*tch / Drive her own car, she don’t need no Lyft.Lyrically Saweetie has always had clever and talented verses and grammy nominated Doja Cat matches her equally: If she ride for me, she don’t need a key.” Saweetie’s passion for poetry and rap is nothing but evident in this track, and her skill for lyrical genius matches up perfectly alongside her partner Doja, who also has recently burst out into the music world and is nothing short of a sensation. Perhaps this track will also boast the same level of achievements of their multi-platinum successes, as she has shown to dominate in a range of successful achievements as well as exploding all over the UK music scene being played on radio stations such as Capital XTRA and Kiss Fresh.

Saweetie by Blair Caldwell (courtesy of Dedikated PR)

Saweetie has been dropping hits alongside this all in the lead up to her new album and happens to hold major song collaborations with artists such as Dababy and Jhene Aiko. Saweetie has also managed to be one of the most dominant artists social media hits on apps such as TikTok. Like Saweetie, Doja very much has exploded over social media in her rise to fame, including on TikTok, which makes this collaboration a creative dream come true. Whilst during a pandemic you can expect this club banger to be virtually enjoyed, this track is being celebrated on social media apps full of people longing to set foot in clubs with their best friends. Saweetie has not failed to provide not only a hot new single but also provides astounding visuals to mark the release of the song. 

Saweetie accompanies the track with a beautiful music video that stars the face of comedian King Bach, known for his success on the now-defunct app Vine, alongside the two artists. At the beginning of the video, Saweetie pays tribute to ICY on her chest, referencing her previous smash hit EP, which shot her to fame. Other scenes from the video also include iconic clips such as the pair tanning in full fashionable ensemble, dancing on the hood of a moving car, and cliff jumping into nothing – butt naked. The outfits in the video are only a short snippet of the beauty and elegance both artists display in their work. Up until the very end, the pair are barely apart, showing a sense of unity within female friendships, and scenes of women supporting women that we need now, more than ever.

‘Best Friends’, your new favourite Feminist bop, is avaiable on all good streaming platforms now. 

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