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Film Review: Jojo Rabbit

Despite the darkness of this time period, there have been a decent amount of comedies set in World War II, with TV like Dad’s Army and movies like 1941. But […]

Film Review: 1917

It’s been over a 100 years since it started and ended, yet World War 1 remains unexplored in media. It’s just as complex and eventful a time period as World […]

Film Review: Marriage Story

Divorce is an unpopular cinematic subject and it is easy to see why. It’s boring, emotionally draining and remarkably un-cinematic. Whilst plenty of filmmakers have tackled it before, it is […]

Film Review: Doctor Sleep

If you’re a film fan, then you probably know about The Shining, one of the best horror movies ever made. You probably also know that it was based on a […]

Film Review: The Irishman

Director Martin Scorsese is known for many kinds of films, but he’s probably most famous for his gangster movies, despite having only made four in his 50-year career. He’s also […]

Terminator: Dark Fate Review

Terminator is one of the best examples of a franchise that really should have stayed dead. Both The Terminator and T2 were great standalone films, but Rise of the Machines […]

Rabid: Original vs Remake (Spoilers for both)

Today’s article will be structured differently. Instead of a standard review, I will be contrasting two films, one being Rabid (1977) and the other being Rabid (2019) and seeing what […]

LFF Film Thoughts: Part II

Waves Trey Edward Shults’s previous film, It Comes at Night was one that I liked on first viewing but was lacking in retrospect, especially with the weak story and dull […]

LFF Film Thoughts: Part I

I went to this year’s London Film Festival for the third year in a row, this time seeing seven films in total. I won’t cover my opinion on every film […]