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Selling Out For Saudi Arabia

This is not a brand new thing, it has been happening for a while, and we need to call out all the influencers who have been hired to rehabilitate Saudi […]

December Favourites

CUB may have taken a break, but the Style & Beauty Team do not rest when it comes to fashion, makeup and skincare. You know the drill, let’s go! Monki: […]

Compassion Fatigue

How have you started the new decade? On a positive note? Gosh, I wish I could say the same, but with everything that is already going in the world, it’s […]

PR Package Armageddon

As I am a Style & Beauty Writer, it is not particularly surprising that I tend to watch a fair amount of beauty reviews from influencers, beauty gurus and other […]

She’s Not White, She’s Not Brown

I went to a majority white school, where there were probably five people of colour out of a year group of 200 students, and I was taught exclusively by white […]

Forgetting Cultural Appropriation- Again

What is cultural appropriation? It is essentially when individuals or brands adopt the elements of one culture by members of another culture, this is problematic, especially when a dominant culture […]

2020 Beauty Trends

Yes, you’re right I do not have a crystal ball to exactly predict these things, but my Instagram feed is already popping off with new make-up trends. I can confirm […]

New Nails for the New Year

Let’s keep this one simple, the new year and the new decade is quickly coming towards us, we need to get our nails done for the new year so here is […]

Fragrances for the Festive

It’s December and we are now allowed to be in the full Christmas swing. What’s a great way to interrupt your rendition of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’? […]