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Joseph Merrick: A Skeleton in the University Cupboard

Most of Joseph Merrick’s life sucked. In this he is not alone – life expectancy at his birth, in 1862, was around 40, and his brother died of scarlet fever […]

A Time for Action or an Action for Time?

This Friday will mark exactly 4 weeks until Britain’s intended departure date from the EU. Are we ready? Well, short answer – yes, with an if; long answer is no, […]

How Kanye Functions.

I’ve been spending half a month wrapping my head around Kanye West and our hypocritical champagne socialist media complex and then he went and decided to become apolitical out of […]

Is demonetising in India going to control corruption?

On 8th November 2016, the Indian government demonetised high denomination 500/- (rupee) and 1000/- notes which were no longer to be used as legal tender and instead introduced a new […]

The (Neat and Orderly) Ramblings of an Obsessive Compulsive: Going Underground

Nobody enjoys the tube during rush hour. Getting up close and personal with complete strangers is something that British people just don’t do, unless forced to. Usually standing one metre […]

The City & the Northern Girl #11

Just how Northern are you? This week saw my Facebook and Twitter bombarded with people’s results from the fabulous and utterly inaccurate online test which, based on questions, reveals to you […]

Gilby’s Guidance #10

Instaenvy  All I want is to be able to look through my Instagram feed without seeing things that I can’t have, is that too much to ask? The answer is […]

The City & the Northern Girl #10

FORGET ‘MID-LIFE CRISIS’, I’M HAVING A QUARTER-LIFE ONE   The fact that I’m turning 20 at the end of January isn’t exactly a milestone – it’s not on the same level […]

Gilby’s Guidance #9

Second Year Crisis We have made a lot of important decisions in our short lives so far. Where to pick up a weekend job? Whether to take a gap year? […]