Recipe of the Week – Thai Green Curry.

Hello, fellow foodies!  

For this weeks’ recipe, I’m sharing with you my quick and easy Thai Red Curry recipe! I’m a huge fan of Eastern Asian food, so you will see a few of these recipes on my page! What I love about this particular recipe is that you can make this in a big batch, along with noodles or rice and it will stay fresh for up to three days 

So lets start!  

The ingredients you need for this recipe are: 

  • Canned, crushed tomatoes 
  • Coconut Milk  
  • Vegetables of your choice  
  • Meat of your choice  
  • Salt, pepper and Thai 7 spice  
  • Kaffir Lime leaves  

Cooking Method:   

The first step for making this dish is to fry up your vegetables and meat! You can use any kind of veggies or any kind of meat. I normally make this with king prawns, but chicken breast would work great too. You can even make this a meat-free dish and it will still turn out delish! Baby corn, carrots, sugar snap peas, mushrooms and bell peppers are some great options for vegetables in this curry!

Make sure to properly and carefully wash your produce and meat before you chop it up. Once that is done, fry it up on high heat with some sesame oil, salt and pepper for a few minutes until it’s all fully cooked. Taking another pan, add your chopped or crushed tomatoes and coconut milk along with a few kaffir lime leaves and let it come to a boil. Kaffir lime leaves are the secret ingredient to this dish. This is what will give it an authentic and delicious Thai taste and smell!  

Once that has boiled, add your cooked vegetables and meat into this concussion and sprinkle some Thai 7 spice for a nice spicy kick!  You can also squeeze some juice from a lemon or lime for a burst of citrus, and that’s it…You’re done! 

This is one of the simplest and quickest Thai food recipes you can find! Happy cooking!

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