Queens, Teens and a Saviour: Women in today’s TV

Now that summer has practically begun, we have all the time in the world to catch up on TV, watch new shows or re-watch old ones. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a champion when it comes to binge watching TV. A proud TV addict here. British, American, Spanish, Korean or Indian – I watch everything.

With two conditions:

  1. It needs to have romance.

     2. Strong female lead please.

So here’s five amazing shows (in no particular order) to watch during the summer for all the TV lovers out there, and all except one are available on Netflix (YAY).

Las Chicas del Cable

This Spanish drama – loosely translated as The Cable Girls – is about four mesmerising women working in a telephone company in 1920s Spain. If you’re a feminist, this programme will reach out to your very soul!

As a woman, I feel it is our duty to stand up for one another and be united. This show represents exactly that; women fighting for their rights, for equality, for what they deserve.

Let’s not forget the captivating romances! Sexy love triangles and plot twists that will keep you watching even at five am. Never mind sleep, I gotta find out what happens next!


All you history lovers out there, you’ll either love this or hate this. Reign is a historic-period drama showcasing Mary, Queen of Scots rise to the French and Scottish throne in the sixteenth century.

I fell in love with it right from the very beginning with the unusual superstitions surrounding our Scottish Queen and French Prince. Their love is encapsulated as that eternal, forever kind of love that will tug on your heartstrings. Some aspects of the plotline stray away from the historic facts and lean towards a little bit of fiction – I personally loved that.

This show, like Las Chicas del Cable, centres on a time of hardship for women and the injustices they had to face. We witness Queen Mary overcome several obstacles, many to do with narcissistic men in a patriarchal society. Honestly, the show is simply so inspirational in their portrayal of women.

Once Upon A Time

Fairytales. You can’t hate them. They inspire, they influence, we read the stories as kids and dream that one day a knight in shining armour will come to sweep us off our feet.

Only, it’s the twenty first century and I don’t need a man to save me. Especially not a golden haired, blue eyed guy on a white pony with armour so shiny that I’d be able to see my reflection on it.

Once Upon A Time revolves around Snow White’s story for six seasons. Emma’s whole world turns upside down when the son she gave up for adoption ten years ago comes knocking on her door and claims she’s Snow White’s daughter. Marked as the saviour, Emma is thrust into a world of deceit and discovery as she is the only one that can break the curse the Evil Queen (not so evil) has cast over her loved ones. She is a beacon of hope for the people of Storybrooke.

In this fantasy drama, we see a woman who comes to save the day in her trademark, red leather jacket and cute, yellow car. She doesn’t have a dazzling horse and she certainly does not have any shining armour.


I love Indian programmes. I love the drama, I love the background music and I love the ridiculous amounts of plot twists.

Bepanah is of course a romantic drama. Focusing on a man and a woman who have just recently lost their other halves, they heartbreakingly discover that their spouses were also cheating on them with the other. While Aditya, our main man, spirals into a pit of furious rage, Zoya, our main gal, falls into a horrible act of denial. The two leads are constantly at a clash with each other and always feel a forbidden and supernatural pull towards one another.

I was addicted to this show and whisked past it in not time. We witness a beautiful culture, religious clashes and how these two haters turned to lovers can just about overcome anything.

Gossip Girl

This fabulous show is a classic! Set in New York where there is a constant clash between the Upper East Side and little old Brooklyn, the show revolves around spoilt rich kids who think they can do anything and never get caught. Only they can and they are. Always being held accountable by an anonymous blogger who has eyes and ears everywhere, Gossip Girl just about knows everything about everyone.

With scandalous romances, incredible pretences and devastating discoveries, this teen drama is a need to watch!

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness that is Nate Archibald! He’s my favourite character!

I loved watching all these shows and am not ashamed to admit I’ve watched them more than a few times. Shows with diversity, culture and strong female leads are just my cup of tea.

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